2021 Changwon Personal Media Festival

The 2021 Changwon One-Person Media Festival was successfully held for the first time this year on Saturday, November 13, 2021.

The event took place at Sungsan Art Hall Central Square and was visited by 3,200 people. It was also streamed live on YouTube and other social media with a total number of views reaching hundreds of thousands.

Hosted and organized by Changwon City, the event started with the opening ceremony. Awards were given to the winners of the video contest “2021 Express Changwon’s Appeal”.

Other events in the program included “Creator TOK TOK”, a chat with famous Korean YouTubers, MBC Gyeongnam Visible Radio, and various exhibits featuring equipment and hands-on experience.

Famous YouTuber ‘Diva Jessica’ shared her experiences about becoming a successful content creator on different platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. People in the audience who are dreaming to become the next YouTube or Instagram sensation were all ears and asked insightful questions during the Q&A session.

The booths featuring dancing robots and drones were quite popular among the kids. It was fun to see the robots dance to a K-pop beat. The drones with cameras were particularly impressive because of their superior quality. Even if you have no reason to justify buying one, you just to admit that drones are cool. Period.

Several booths offering hands-on experiences included 3D printing, video production using 3D visual sculpture ‘anamorphic’, and streaming your own “mukbang”.

The displays exhibiting equipment such as cameras, camcorders, microphones, and other specialized gadgets attracted a lot of attention especially from individuals who are interested in personal broadcasting.

With the existing technology of today, anybody can broadcast their contents anytime, anywhere for free. Here in Korea, personal broadcasting has been popularized as a new form of self- expression by younger people using their high-tech smartphones equipped with high-definition cameras and a new generation of video editing apps. Personal broadcasting has been gaining a lot of interest nowadays, and it has become one of entertainment options. It gives individuals another way to interact with one another, and it also gives businesses another way to interact with their customers.

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