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Participation in the International Environmental Conference’s ‘Tokyo Forum’

Changwon’s reputation as a city of tourism

‘Tokyo Forum 2018’

Changwon City participated in ‘Tokyo Forum 2018,’ a major international conference on the environment in Asia, for two days, from May 22 to 23.

The forum hosted by Tokyo, Japan, and sponsored by the Climate Change Leadership Group (C40) invited about 200 mayors, public officers, and experts from about 20 cities around the world.

Under the topic, ‘for cleaner cities and clear skies,’ the forum involved presentations on the common issue of effective waste control and air quality control, and adopted the Tokyo Protocols.

The City particularly introduced its public bicycle and electric car project in relation to the ‘hydrogen fuel cell car project,’ and suggested the vision to achieve sustainable objectives by making hydrogen vehicles more popular and transforming the city into an environmentally-friendly city with advanced hydrogen industries.


The City also participated in the Asia/Oceania regional conference of the Urban Climate Leadership Group (C40) to discuss the reduction of greenhouse gases under the Paris Climate Change Accord and the policies of regional member cities.

Changwon City has been able to expand exchanges with the world’s leading cities through ‘Tokyo Forum 2018,’ and promote its image and reputation as an environment-friendly city of tourism.


Peace of mind with a walk in the Hinoki forest!

Stamp tour around Yeojoacheon and Dream Road in July

Hinoki Forest along Jinhae Dream Road

Changwon City’s eco-tourism program, ‘A healing trip to the Hinoki forest,’ which has been selected for the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism’s ‘2018 Eco-tour Project,’ is actively being developed for implementation in July.

Hinoki Forest along Jinhae Dream Road

The healing trip largely consists of the ▲Healing stamp tour, the ▲Healing·experience program, and the ▲Eco-tour interpreter program, which will be developed into Changwon’s major healing tour course, where you can experience both the ocean breeze and the forest air around such beautiful natural environment. The stamp tour will be available at Jinhae’s Yeojoacheon, Dream Road, and Wood Experience Center.

Students’ ‘bright’ ideas for the administration

A group of high school students enter the first nationwide mentorship program.

On May 10, Changwon City hosted a small talk on Research and Education (R&E) with about 60 people from five teams selected as administrative research clubs at the Conference Room of the City Hall.

Research and Education (R&E) is Korea’s first nationwide mentoring program that involves local high school students writing short theses to boost their interests in the administration, and nurture their problem-solving skills and creativity.

The small talk was about sharing each team’s progress on the study topics.

The policy projects selected for each team focused on Changwon’s major projects in tourism and environment, including ▲Changwon Gyeongil Girls High School’s ‘Leave Changwon’s tourism and culture promotion to us,’ ▲Masan Muhak Girls High School’s ‘Changwon, the world’s environmental capital – Study on maritime environment, education, and international exchanges,’ ▲Masan Samjin High School’s ‘We invite you to Changwon,’ ▲Changwon High School’s ‘Turning Changwon’s rivers into tourism resources,’ and ▲Changwon Mechanical High School’s ‘Study of safety systems to detect harmful materials at industrial sites.’

The topics selected for each team will be explored by the researchers at the Policy Research Center, the advisors, and the students, and will be submitted to Changwon’s administration through the presentation of output and performance in November.


Changwon’s beach reopens

The former Gwangam Beach opens in July

A new beach for families

Featuring picnic sites and lounges

Gwangam Beach

Changwon will reopen its beach this July. Changwon has a population of more than one million, and its coastline spans 324 ㎞ in length.

However, in the past, there was no beach where people can enjoy the area’s heavenly coast.

Through Changwon City’s efforts, Gwangam Beach in Jindong-myeon of Masanhappo-gu will reopen in July for the first time in 16 years with improved water quality and a cleaner environment.

Gwangam Beach was shut down in 2002. With a nearby wastewater treatment facility in Jindong-myeon, the quality of its waters has improved, allowing the beach to be reopened.

Gwangam Beach is 220 m in length and 30 m in width, so it is not quite big. Changwon City has poured 2,000 ㎥ of sand to meet environmental standards.

Along the coast will be picnic sites, shower facilities, locker rooms, restrooms, and lounges to welcome both families and tourists.

Navigation address: Yojang-ri Jindong-myeonMasanhappo-gu, Changwon

1. Maritime Drama Studio (Seokgok-ri Gusan-myeon Masanhappo-gu)
2. Jeodo Yeonyuk Bridge (Gubok-ri Gusan-myeon Masanhappo-gu)
3. Masan Fish Market

Nearby attractions

The Maritime Drama Studio is mainly a representation of the scenes of Gaya, and is an excellent venue for children to experience them directly and learn about them.

‘Jeodo Yeonyuk Bridge’ is made of clear glass, so you can see what is beneath it. The bridge has fantastic lighting in the evening to evoke a unique mood for visitors.

The Masan Fish Market in Agujjim Street invites you to enjoy delicious food. Restaurants use dried anglerfish, thus enhancing the flavor of the fish.

Corruption-free Changwon wins the 「Dasan Mongmik Award」.

Dasan Mongmin Award Awarding Ceremony

Grade 1 corruption-free administration for two consecutive years; high marks in corruption-free practices.

Changwon City won the ‘Main Prize’ at the 10th Dasan Mongmin Award, the symbol of a ‘corruption-free institution and sacrifice.’

The ‘Dasan Mongmin Award’ is in the spirit of Sir Jung, Yak Yong (Dasan) to govern the people, and discovers and awards local governments that are setting a good example.

Changwon City is upholding ‘corruption-free society and sacrifice’ as its administrative motto, so this award is meaningful because it is based on the local government’s degree of integrity, which must be free of corruption.

The City improved its corruption-free administration ranking from 74th place to 1st place within a year, and achieved grade 1 for two consecutive years. The scores were particularly high in the ‘Rigors and Discipline’ division, where the corruption-free status of public officials is evaluated.

The City also earned notable evaluation scores in the Public Service/Service for the People category, with emphasis on the reformation of various restrictions, protection for the socially weak, and policies for the local economy.

Maritime leisure sports school – dive into the charm of yachting

Yachting Experience

Summer is nearing, and the sea is calling you. Maritime leisure sports activities alongside the cool ocean breeze are irresistible.

Among the many maritime leisure sports activities one can indulge in, you can easily and conveniently enjoy yachting at the Maritime Leisure Sports Center operated by Changwon Facilities Management Corporation, which is affiliated with Changwon City, at Deoksan-dong in Jinhae-gu and Dotseom in Masanhappo-gu.

At Jinhae𐄁Masan Maritime Leisure Sports Center, you can receive quality instructions from professional instructors at a safe setting, as there are professional lifeguards on-site. For your convenience, make reservations early.

■ Jinhae Center: 160 Cheonja-roJinhae-gu (Deoksan-dong)

■ Masan Center: 187 Dotseom-1(Il)-gil Masanhappo-gu (in Dotseom Island)

■ Homepage:

■ Inquiries: 055-712-0445.

Yachting Experience

‘I want to go to Changwon’ Voted No. 1 in Korea

Won the ‘2018 National Brand Awards’
Recognized at three festivals for its tourism contents


Changwon City was voted ‘the most desirable city to visit’ at the ‘2018 National Brand Awards.’ The National Brand Awards is hosted by the National Brand Awards Selection Committee, and is sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs to evaluate the brands in Korea’s leading industries, cities, food, and culture.

In the selection, about 12,000 people who are 16 or older were surveyed in six categories, including recognizability and satisfaction, for 12 days since January 26. Changwon City will take advantage of this achievement to succeed at the ‘World Shooting Championships,’ which will be held on August 31, and at the ‘2018 Year of Visiting Changwon’ events.

At the same time, new tourism contents will be developed for the three major festivals, consisting of Jinhae Gunhangje, K-POP World Festival, and Gagopa Chrysanthemums Festival, and for the Jeodo Sky Walk, Yongji Lake moving boats, City Tour double-deck buses, and Korea’s longest zip track that will be opening in July.

Jinhae Gunhangje
K-POP World Festival
Gunhangje Yongji Lake Moving Boat
City Tour Double-deck Bus
Gagopa Chrysanthemums Festival
Jeodo Sky Walk