Cruising to a ‘culture and art special city’

1 year after declaration, efforts to popularize culture and art

Audience applause for 1 year anniversary events

Performances by famous overseas orchestra and Ballet Company

<Photo> Various events were held to celebrate 1 year anniversary of declaring ‘Culture and Art Special City Changwon’.

It’s been a year since the ‘Culture and Art Special City’ was promulgated. The city has been building physical and human infrastructure to popularize culture and art. To improve low citizen participation in Changwon Sculpture Biennale that was held in a limited, narrow space last year, it was opened in Yongji Lake Park grass plaza and attracted many people’s participation. Efforts to improve the city into Culture and Art Special City have started in every single event, with more enthusiastic citizen participation.

Various events to celebrate 1 year anniversary are held to continue this atmosphere. The ‘Changwon Yechan Festa’ has been held in every part of the city such as Changwon Seongsan Art Hall and 3·15 Art Center from June 27th to September 3rd. This event will have 11 performances and exhibitions for 2 months, such as ‘Graz Chamber Orchestra’ performance in Korea, ice ballet ‘Sleeping Beauty’, Changwon International Chamber Music Festival, etc. Until the end of August, people can watch musical masterpieces and musical animations through ‘A Midsummer Night’s Cinema’ in Seongsan Art Hall and Jinhae outdoor performance at 8pm every Saturday. Especially, ‘Graz Chamber Orchestra’, Austria’s authentic, prestigious orchestra, had a performance in the large auditorium of Seongsan Art Hall, presenting a midsummer night’s precious memory. The Graz Chamber Orchestra that is presenting various repertoires from Baroque to the 21st century music played Mozart and Strauss’s music during this performance.

At 7:30pm on August 16 in the large theater of the 3·15 Art Center, France’s top chamber orchestra ‘French Chamber Orchestra’ will have a performance for Koreans. The French Chamber Orchestra will play pieces by Mozart, Briton, and Shostakovich during the performance that day, and Professor Ju-eun Lee of Changwon University Music Department will perform with a fancy ensemble.

Korea’s largest multicultural festival to be held in September

MAMF Promotion Committee finalized it to be on Sept. 29th ~ Oct. 1st

Yongji Culture Park… Indonesia is the guest of honor


“MAMF Festival,’ the largest multicultural event in Korea, will also be held in Changwon this year following last year. 2017 MAMF promotion committee has recently announced the festival plan. The dates will be from September 29th to October 1st and the place will be in Yongji Culture Park area. Being 12th this year, the MAMF Festival choses 1 country as the guest of honor from around 10 participating countries during the event every year and gives a focused introduction of the country’s culture. This year’s guest of honor is Indonesia. The committee is discussing with the Indonesian government regarding the visit of the Indonesian national art group during the festival period.

The MAMF promotion committee is also planning to have a joint performance of a band named ‘Slank,’ one of the most popular singing groups in Indonesia’, and ‘YB’, the rock band that singer Yun Do-hyeon and the former honorary ambassador of MAMF. Starting with the opening ceremony, the festival will have various attractions to see and enjoy throughout the event such as the singing contest of immigrants in Korea, Asia pop music concert, and multicultural parade. In the opening ceremony, the guest of honor’s art group and a multicultural children’s choir will perform on stage.

The Korean Overseas Information Service affiliated under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism will participate in MAMF this year for the first time and will present a Korean culture introducing performance named ‘Hello, Mr. K’ during the opening ceremony. For singing contest of immigrants in Korea, 10 teams that passed the regional preliminary rounds will participate in it. It drew huge popularity as 400 immigrant teams nationwide participated in the preliminary rounds.

Asia music concert will be held to watch the performances of local popular singers invited from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. at once. A multicultural parade in which the immigrants of each country march the street in their traditional clothes is also something to enjoy watching. Various additional events will be held, such as a global village travel to experience traditional games and handcrafts, world’ food experience yard to taste the representative foods of each country, and multicultural market will also be held.

MAMF is an acronym for ‘Migrants’ Arirang Multicultural Festival’. Through the coexistence of multi-culture and Koreans’ sentiment preserved in ‘Arirang’, the festival aims for a cultural festival where immigrants and domestic people harmonize together. 153,000 Koreans and foreigners visited the festival in last year’s event.

‘SM Town’ will open in 2020

4 underground floors and 10 ground floors

Exhibitions, performance hall, and complex dining out space

Nurturing talented people in connection with K -POP

The building of Changwon SM Town has finally started. It will be established in 4 underground floors and 10 ground floors in the area of Pallyong-dong, Uichang-gu.

The underground floors will consist of parking lots and retail shops using star marketing, ground floors 1 ~ 3 will have a studio to experience the Korean Wave culture and a facility that sells celebrity-related products, 4 ~ 5th floors will have a hologram performance hall that can accommodate 800 seats, 6 ~ 7th floors will have convenient facilities, and 8 ~ 10th floors will have a hotel.

The hologram performance, the core content of Changwon SM Town, will allow people to enjoy famous K-POP performances like the actual performance with real-life sized holograms of artists and special effects. In the studio of Korean Wave culture experience, people can directly experience music recording, makeup, filming, and other cultures of K-POP stars. The retail shops using star marketing display and sell goods related to famous celebrities, and the convention facilities are used as a complex dining out space and exhibition/ performance hall of SM brand. Adopting a virtual reality technique, the hotel will be themed for people to feel and experience as if they are in the same space as the stars.

Through the talented person nurturing program in connection with the K –POP festival, Changwon SM Town will encourage regional youths to chase their dream of becoming a star and plans to adopt high-level culture experience items through convergence with 4th industry technology such as robots, AI (artificial intelligence), VR (Virtual reality), etc.

Changwon SM Town is an emphasis business carried out to generate new tourism demands based on K-POP. Therefore, if this business becomes successful, it will create a nonstop stay-type tourism line that will enable people to watch performances, experience Korean Wave culture, food and shopping, and accommodations in one place.

It is expected that Changwon will make a great leap to becoming a mecca of Korean Wave that captivates the hearts of people from all over the world by integrating the world’s top class K -POP performance culture and advanced ICT technology, as well as perform roles as a great healing space for citizens. There will also be huge economic effects. When Changwon SM Town opens in 2020, it is expected to generate an economic effect of 560 billion Korean won, create jobs for 34000 people, and attract more than 300,000 tourists a year to Changwon.

Established a ‘Brother Relationship’ with a Provincial Government of Cambodia


Friendly city cooperation with Preah Sihanouk Province.

Exchange and cooperation on economy, tourism, and physical education.

The city has entered a ‘brother relationship’ with Preah Sihanouk Provincein Cambodia. Mayor An Sang-soo has recently entered a friendly international cooperation city agreement with Governor Yun min of Sihanoukin Pullman Hotel in Changwon.

Preah Sihanouk Province is one of the 24 provincial governments of Cambodia. It is a metropolitan local government newly drawing attention as a strategic hub of the business and tourism industry of Cambodia. Based on the customs of international society where metropolises and primary local governments enter a friendly cooperation city agreement only with the same level, this agreement between Sihanouk, one of the provincial governments in Cambodia, and Changwon, a primary local government in South Korea, can be said to be unprecedented. This clearly shows the higher status of Changwon at a metropolitan level after the integration of 3 cities.

From now on, the two cities will start from economy and marine tourism fields and expand their exchange andcooperation into various areas such as culture, art, youths, physical education, etc.

Changwon has been deeply interested in having a friendly exchange with a Southeast Asian nation that is recently drawing attention as an emerging market based on its high economic growth rate. Then, the Minister of Culture and Art of Cambodia, the principal guest nation of MAMF last year, proposed having a friendly exchange with Changwon when he visited the city. This agreement was finally achieved when the delegates of Changwon who were invited to Sihanouk in December last year suggested Governor Yun min to visit Changwon, during the delegates’ visit to the provincial government building.

That Sihanouk has many things in common with Changwon also played a huge role in entering the agreement. Known as the best vacation site of Cambodia, Sihanouk is a coastal area with a 175km-long seashore. It has the nation’s only marine port facility, and is designated as one of Cambodia’s top 3 economic development zones. Also, based on rich marine resources, it is rapidly emerging as a strategic tourism and economic centers of Cambodia lately.

Twice as Great as Before,Rose Park

May is the season of rose. There is a flower-specialized rose park in Gaeumjeong-dong, Changwon. Every year, many citizens are making precious memories here. The rose park has almost doubled this year. 21,840 rose trees were planted, and 11 rose tunnels and 43 rose pagodas were built. ‘Finding a Goblin,’ the main program during the spring travel week, was held from 12th to 13th. The rose park had its opening ceremony on the 12th and will be open until October this year.

Looking at the Marine Kingdom from 1,500 years ago

[Special] ‘Gusan-myeon, the Mecca of Marine Tour’

Marine drama filming site is crowded after its repair
Attractions such as iron production site and dock from the Gaya period


Changwon marine drama filming site was created in April 2010 by investing a project cost of 4 billion KRW on the area of 947m2, in Seokgok-ri, Gusan-myeon, Masanhappo-gu, Changwon, in order to promote and educate drama shooting and marine history. At the entrance of the filming site, 16 movie and drama posters filmed in this site from 2010 until now are displayed to greet tourists.

The filming site consists of a total of 25 buildings in 6 zones. It is equipped with the iron production site, dock, marketplace, sailboat, weapons, living supplies, and various items from Gaya period.

It is necessary to take a pamphlet from the tour information center at the filming site entrance. It is much more helpful to know about the buildings and zones by looking around different parts of the filming site while reading the explanations of pamphlet in the hand. Having no guide sign is not very helpful for drama filming that sometimes occurs.

Gimhae Hall can be said to be the main part of the filming site. As the main filming place of drama Kim Su-ro, it displays the bedrooms of Kim Su-ro, Queen Heo, meeting rooms, and all kinds of props. There is a photo zone at the entrance of the building to take a picture like Kim Su-ro and Queen Heo by putting one’s face.

A dock to bring a ship for maritime trade is located toward the sea from Gimhae Hall. There is a ship hanging around in place according to the wind direction at the front sea of the dock, and a ship that seems to have been used for drama filming is anchored at the mud flat.

If you go across the bridge at the 2nd floor of Gimhae Hall or go toward the left of the filming site, you will reach the Haebanchon area. It has reproduced the life of ordinary people by having a shoe store, blacksmith workshop, earthenware store, etc.

The marketplace has recreated a market from Gaya period. It has a store selling animal skin, farming tools, clothes, as well as an inn selling raw rice wine (makgeoli), and also displays fruit-shaped props.
In addition, there is also Gaya Hall that was used as an inn, joint water Saemigyo, horse stable, and aniron production site that smelted collected iron ore. The filming site that recreated the buildings of Gaya period was established in 2010 and went through several repairs.

Another fun element to visit this place is a well-maintained walk trail. There is a wave sound path, a marine forest path to start from the marine drama filming site and return to the original place. Its total length is 1.7km long and it was created in August 2016. Nature’s present magnificent marine view and thick, dense pine groves stand in harmony. There is also an observatory tower and every person of both genders and all ages can walk comfortably. ‘Sea & Wood Scent World’ nearby is a good place to enjoy walking, as it is a fragrant place throughout all 4 seasons by planting 700 herbs and landscape woody plants.

Foreign tourists’ Downtown Sightseeing onPublic Bike.

Business agreement with 3 tourist hotels.

Will have test operation from June this year.



‘Crisscross bikes’ have become easily available for foreign tourists staying in tourist hotels. It is expected that they will not only provide travel conveniences for foreign tourists but also instill new energy into city sightseeing.

The cityhas recently signed an agreement to support crisscross bike use with 3 tourist hotels. In the current crisscross bike operating system, only local Koreans and domestic foreigners registered in Korea could use the bikes, but this agreement has solved the difficulties of crisscross bike use faced by foreigners visiting Korea on short-term. With a separate signup procedure for crisscross bike use, it will be planned for them to use the bikes easily with a crisscross bike use card of a tourist hotel’s name. Foreigner crisscross bike service will start from this upcoming June. Once the city’s foreigner crisscross bike serviceis activated, the service provision will be expanded to the entire tourist hotels and accommodations throughout Changwon.

The tourist hotels participating in this agreement include Pullman Ambassador Changwon, Hotel International, and Changwon Hotel Co., Ltd. The 3 tourist hotels are where many foreigners visiting Changwon usually stay. Since the introduction of ‘Crisscross Bikes,’ the first public bike system in Korea, in October 2008, the city has run 270 terminals and 3982 crisscross bikes which are the largest size in Korea. 14,320 people on average ride crisscross bikes a day.

A city official has said that “Foreigner tourists prefer riding on a bike to a car when visiting the main tourist attractions of the city. With this, there has been an increasing number of inquiries on the use of crisscross bikes and thus we have arranged a plan for crisscross bike use for foreign tourists.”


Here is a brief introduction of the 3 tourist hotels.
■Pullman Ambassador Changwon

Pullman Ambassador Changwon

Pullman Ambassador Changwon

Has a total of 321 rooms including 13 suites designed by famous Korean and overseas designers, providing comfort, vast space, and modern and refined specialness in harmony with tradition. It also has a variety of drink and food businesses, small/medium/large ballroom facilities accommodating a total of 1,200 people, and ‘Club City 7,’ the area’s first 2,000-pyeong high-class membership fitness center.

Pullman Ambassador Changwon provides a customer-focused service for you to experience work efficiency and entertainment, as it is connected with Changwon Convention & Trade Center, CGV that has 8 movie halls, the City 7 complex shopping, etc.

■Hotel International

호텔인터내셔널 야경.jpg

Hotel International

Consisting of 4 underground floors, 9 ground flowers, and a parking facility for 400 cars to park at the same time, it is also evenly equipped with all kinds of facilities such as Gyeongnam’s largest convention hall, 7 small banquet rooms, all kinds of restaurants and wedding halls, as well as additional amenities to relieve a day’s fatigue and for tomorrow’s vitality in sauna.

As soon as you enter the lobby, you can feel the sense of Hotel International hidden in the Korean traditional beauty. An advanced service by staff members with rich experiences at the lobby front, which is full of dignity as an international hotel, is also noteworthy.

■Changwon Hotel Co., Ltd.


Changwon Hotel Co., Ltd.

There are 173 rooms to enjoy business and rest together. This hotel has various room systems such as ultrahigh speed wired/wireless internet, digital TV, hinoki bathtub and shower booth that suits customer tastes, and safe-deposit box inside a room. Differentiated, customized hotel services are also provided through sauna, fitness room, and a free laundry service.

In addition, the hotel has a large seminar room that can accommodate up to 500 people to have a reception, large-scale event, or wedding, and is fully equipped with refined and modern indoor decorations and lighting, modernistic sound facilities, convenient traffic network and large parking facilities, and high-tech communication.