Changwon City rated as ‘outstanding’ in the major categories of evaluation.

Excelled in 7 areas of administration after the evaluation of 18 cities/towns in Gyeongsangnam-do Province

Changwon City placed second in the city division of the ‘2018 General Evaluation of Cities and Towns in Gyeongsangnam-do’ on 18 local cities and towns.

The ‘General Evaluation of Cities and Towns in Gyeongsangnam-do’ is conducted every year to rate local performance toward major government policies and provincial administration. In 2018, performance was evaluated for 230 detailed indicators in 15 categories, including general administration, reformation of restrictions, and major provincial projects.

The City received an ‘A’ in seven categories, including general administration, social welfare, reformation of restrictions, and job creation, to win an award and receive incentives in the amount of 150,000,000 KRW.


Changwon’s City Tour Bus has carried more than ‘40,000 passengers.’

Changwon’s City Tour Bus has carried more than ‘40,000 passengers.’

The double-deck bus has been quite popular.

Changwon City Tour Double-deck Bus.

Changwon’s double-deck City Tour Bus has carried more than 40,000 passengers within about nine months since it was launched last September.

The City celebrated the event by delivering flower bouquets and souvenirs to two passengers who became the 40,000th passengers at the Yongji Lake Park Station on June 19.

Considering that there were 8,700 passengers a year when two single-deck buses were operating in 2016, the double-deck city tour bus is gradually gaining popularity. The City has promoted various programs to increase the popularity of the City Tour, including the ‘Moonlight Tour’ and the ‘Treasure Hunt on the City Tour Bus,’ and actively developed courses related to tourist attractions.

During the ‘2018 Changwon World Shooting Championships’ that will begin on August 31, the Changwon General Shooting Stadium will be added to the route, and selected programs related to shooting will be introduced for the enjoyment of participating athletes and foreign tourists.

Jeodo Skywalk Bridge attracts more than ‘one million’ visitors. A remarkable record in only 445 days.

Changwon City has ambitiously opened ‘Jeodo Island’s Kwai River Skywalk Bridge for the ‘2018 Year of Visiting Changwon,’ and it has been visited by one million visitors so far.

On June 15, there was a ceremonial performance to welcome the one millionth visitor to enter the Skywalk. Around 50 tourist interpreters and professional supporters attended the ceremony.

The one millionth visitor of the Kwai River’s Skywalk was a family from the U.S. They went to Korea for a vacation, and stopped by the Skywalk because it was recommended by their relatives.

“The Kwai River Skywalk has become a remarkable resource for Changwon,” said the city official who welcomed the one millionth visitor. “We will continue to work hard to develop low-cost, high-efficiency killer contents.”

Jeodo’s Kwai River Bridge was constructed in 1987 for the purpose of developing a remote island, and it has been renovated into a skywalk with reinforced glass and LED lighting for a budget of about 0.7 billion KRW.

Tourists are coming to Changwon!

‘Sailing smoothly’ to attract 15 million tourists

6,309,435 cumulative tourists to achieve 42% of the target

Changwon City is sailing smoothly toward the goal to attract 15 million tourists during the ‘2018, Year of Visiting Changwon.’

According to recent statistics, there has been an increase of about 40,000 more tourists compared to last year (6% P), and the cumulative number of tourists has reached 6,309,435, which is 42% of the target of 15 million tourists.

Jinhae Maritime Park has particularly been popular, attracting about 44,000 tourists, followed by Dotseom Park (16,848 tourists), and Jinhae Dream Park (25,137 tourists).

The number of tourists increased sharply this year, due to the City’s ceaseless development of tourist contents and aggressive PR and marketing. The newly developed contents, including Yongji Lake’s moving boats, Jeodo Island’s Kwai River Skywalk, and the tour of Jinhae’s modern culture and history road, have been introduced with the guerilla PR of professional supporters, and have become Changwon’s tourist landmarks.

“Changwon has become a popular tourist destination, as there are many attractions for the entire family to enjoy together,” said an official of Changwon City. “We will develop more contents to achieve the goal of 15 million tourists.”

The cumulative number of tourists is tabulated at 60 major tourist attractions, and you can check real-time records at the ‘Year of Visiting Changwon Success Tower’ electronic board at the square by the City Hall.

Changwon’s ‘islands’ are waiting for the summer!

Which island would be best for a summer vacation?

If you are looking for a great vacation destination this summer, we recommend the islands of Changwon that are surrounded by jewel-like seas.

The summer vacation feels too short, as you enjoy the islands that are hidden off the southern end of Changwon along a 324 ㎞-long coastline. Take a walk around the island, while enjoying the smell of fresh grass of summer and the breeze from the ocean.

1. Udo and its Unique Pedestrian Bridge.

◆ ‘Udo,’ an island that is full of fun things to do

Udo has recently been selected as an ‘amusement island (picnics in groups and family trips)’ among the ‘2018 Vacation Islands’ named by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety.

Udo is a secluded fisheries town that is surrounded by small beaches. It is a perfect place for you to enjoy relaxing activities and humble pleasure, while seeing the murals throughout the island. Udo is also near Dongseom, where you can experience Jinhae’s miracle of Moses, and Sokuriseom for fishing and camping.

1. Udo and the Changwon Maritime Park in Sampo Village.

Udo’s unique pedestrian bridge, Myeong-dong Marina, and embankment, Sampo Village, are known for the song, ‘The Road to Sampo,’ while Changwon Maritime Park is also nearby, and is wonderful to visit with your children.

▷ Navigation address: Myeong-dong Jinhae-gu, Changwon City

1. View of Jeodo.

◆ ‘Jeodo’ boasts of beautiful sceneries

Jeodo, whose appearance resembles a pig, boasts of beautiful sceneries. It has been selected as one of the nine scenic points of the former Masan City. Walk along the deck by the 6.5 ㎞-long coastal trail in which there are bizarre-looking rocks by the seas to the left, and coastal cliffs and forests to the right.

The trail leading to Mt. Yongdu in the center of the island provides views of the blue sea through luxurious forests. You can also enjoy its beautiful view at the observation deck.

1. Jeodo Kwai River Bridge.

Another point of attraction is to feel the thrill of walking over the sea along the Kwai River’s Skywalk, a bridge that connects Jeodo to the mainland.

▷Navigation: Gubok-ri Gusan-myeon Masanhappo-gu, Changwon City

Taking the ‘first step’ to improve women’s rights

The first local government in Korea with ‘women’s rights protection officers’

For the first time in a local government, Changwon City has recently hired ‘women’s rights protection officers’ in support of women’s rights and gender equality.

The newly hired officers specialize in protecting women’s rights by eliminating the disenfranchisement of women’s rights and discrimination against women in the workplace, including sexual harassment and violence. Moreover, they are devoted to establish ways to reduce the number of areas were women’s rights are at risk, and to prevent the infringement of human rights.

Furthermore, they will sign partnerships with colleges and local companies to expand counseling services regarding women’s rights, and promote sexual violence prevention training and sexual equality campaigns. By doing so, they will lead in establishing a culture where women’s rights are respected throughout the community.

The City will also improve the victims’ reporting systems, so that they do not need to hesitate reporting such violations through SNS, online counseling, and third-party anonymous reports.

Mayor Sung Moo Huh said, “I will lead Changwon’s new direction.”

[Integrated Changwon City’s 3rd Public Administration]

Exploration of the source of income in the next 30 years, and the creation of a special, people-centered city

Mayor Sung Moo Huh at the inauguration ceremony.

Mayor Sung Moo Huh of the Integrated Changwon City’s 3rd Public Administration led the inauguration of the Citizen Hall in the City Hall on July 1, and took his first step toward introducing change in Changwon.

“Thank you for choosing to accept changes in Changwon,” said Mayor Sung Moo Huh in his inauguration speech. “I will fully devote myself to make Changwon a land of hope by meeting new challenges.”

Directions of Administration

Mayor Sung Moo Huh will focus on a balanced development of Masan, Changwon, and Jinhae. He will also concentrate on revitalizing the local economy and building a special, people-centered city.

To achieve balanced development, ▲ Masan will create the Masan New Smart Maritime City, lower the tolls at Machang Bridge and make it a landmark, host the hall of Korean Democracy, and secure the budget to open the Masan Baseball Stadium as scheduled.

▲ Changwon will develop the structure of the Changwon National Industrial Complex, nurture advanced defense industries and small yet powerful businesses, launch a young startup platform for pilot testing, and complete a museum on the history of industry and labor.

▲ In Jinhae, the former Army College site will be designated a special district of R&D and the Gyeongnam National Institute of Science and Technology will be established. Also, Jinhae Sports Park will be created, and authority will be transferred to the Busan/Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority. Jinhae’s chemical rails (private rails) will be completed as well.

Finally, other policies for balanced development will include operating an ‘advanced industry workforce incubating center’ that is tailored for small/medium businesses, creating jobs for both young men/women and seniors, providing uniforms to middle/high school freshmen at no charge, hosting ‘night markets’ that offer local fish, organizing a New Cultural Policy Team, establishing a cultural vision, and introducing the Civil Opinion Committee.