Changwon Tour Card News ‘Changwon’s Attractions for the Spring’

‘Changwon Tour Card News’ provides tourists with comprehensive information on the Changwon Tour for the ‘2018 Year of Visiting Changwon City.’

Information is delivered in the form of cards with brief information and images. It is an effective way of communication as it is optimized for SNS and mobile platforms.

Changwon introduces the following tourist attractions.


Jinhae Inland Water Environmental Eco Park

It is an eco-friendly park where you can see beautiful flowers all year. There are 65 kinds of plants and flowers along the lake to attract photographers from all over Korea. Forest interpreters are available twice a day (10:30/14:30), so walk with them to enjoy the spring along the fragrance-filled deck road.


Mt. Cheonju

Mt. Cheonju Korean Rosebay Community

Every April, the ‘Mt. Cheonju Korean Rosebay Festival’ is held. Mt. Cheonju is the background of the popular children’s song, <Spring of Hometown>, and offers a magnificent view covered in Korean rosebay, just as in the song, ‘a colorful flower castle.’ If you want to enjoy the view of the beautiful, pink Korean rosebay community, schedule your visit as the flowers start blooming.


Bongam Reservoir

You will be awed by the picture-perfect view that seems to be right out of a European painting. The breathtaking, natural landscapes and the expedition trail up on the hill can purify the bodies and minds of the visitors.


Junam Lake Bank Road

Junam Lake is a known habitat of migratory birds in the winter, but, in the spring, the endless fields of Junam Lake are filled with beautiful canola flowers. The canola path along the reeds dancing to the spring breeze attracts families and lovers every weekend. Listen to the whispers of the spring at Junam Lake this weekend.


Forest Trail

The forest trail among the green woods is known for the Hinoki forest. As you walk through the Hinoki trees that are standing tall toward the sky, you feel like your body and mind are getting healthier. Come and feel the freshness of the air on a warm spring day.



Personalized, niche welfare policies

There are about 30,000 lonely seniors in Changwon.

The senior care business and related jobs have been expanded. 

Lonely senior households will be visited for verification.

Changwon’s welfare workers are visiting seniors to deliver care packages.

Changwon City has announced that they will promote personalized/niche welfare policies to eliminate blind spots and strengthen the local security network.

New policies include youth welfare jobs related to senior care and the expansion of Sanho-dong’s ‘Banaet Refrigerator’ across the region.

First, youth welfare jobs related to senior care is related to the senior care security network through which local youth visit lonely senior households to check on them and prevent frequent lonely deaths that have become a serious social issue.

Since there are nearly 30,000 lonely seniors in Changwon alone, welfare services are provided for their wellbeing, but most services are available on weekdays, and there are insufficient resources for emergency situations on weekends and holidays.

Free meal service for seniors.

To solve these problems, local youth will be asked to check on lonely seniors on weekends to remove any blind spots.

First, each local office will select one site to test the program, so a total of 150 lonely senior households can take advantage of the service, and 20 youths from low-income families will earn about 140,000 KRW in allowance each every month for 6 months.

The youths from low-income families who will participate in this program will not only earn allowances, but they will be trained for legal employment conditions, including employment agreements and minimum wage, so that they can understand their rights as workers.

Since sharing is not highly encouraged nowadays, this program is expected to spur spontaneous sharing involving local residents and to build trust among each other.

The breath of the history of Jinhae~ A Tour of ‘Modern Culture & History’

With 15 modern culture interpreters, beginning in March.

Naval House ‘Statue of Chungmugong Yi Soon Shin, 1st Modern Structure of Changwon ‘Cultural Space Heukbaek,’ a modern structure Yukgakjip Gunhang Village History Center Wonhaeru Home of the President of the Jinhae Naval Control Center Hospital Japan Jangok Jinhae Post Office

Statue of Chungmugong Yi Soon Shin

Jinhae-gu has been operating the ‘Jinhae Modern Culture & History Road’ Tour Program with modern culture interpreters since March 1.

This is a walking tour program across Downtown Jinhae, Changwon, celebrating 100 years of history, from the time of the Japanese Imperial Rule and Korea’s anti-Japan movement.

The tour begins at the ‘Naval House’ located by the entrance to the Korean Navy Jinhae Commanding Headquarters, and heads to Korea’s first ‘Statue of Chungmugong Yi Soon Shin,’ the No. 1 modern structure of Changwon at Bugwon Rotary. The tour continues onto ‘Cultural Space Heukbaek,’ a modern structure with 100 years of history, ‘Yukgakjip,’ ‘Gunhang Village History Center,’ ‘Wonhaeru,’ ‘The Former Home of the President of the Jinhae Naval Control Center Hospital’, ‘Japan Jangok’, all the way to ‘Jinhae Post Office’ with detailed explanations from interpreters.

‘Cultural Space Heukbaek’, ‘Wonhaeru’, and ‘Jinhae Post Office’ have been featured in the movies ‘Helpless’, ‘The General’s Son’, and ‘Classic,’ respectively, and are expected to touch on the sentimental side of the visitors.

The tour takes two hours, and is available every day except on Mondays. It consists of regular tours twice a day (10:00, 13:00) and special group tours for parties of 10 or more.

Anyone can participate in the regular tours by gathering at the ‘Naval House’ at the designated time without RSVP, but special tours must be arranged via the homepage or by phone three days in advance.

How to arrange a special tour: Homepage (, or through the Jinhae-gu Administration Department (055-548-4081).

‘Changwon International Shooting Range’ unravels its grandeur

State-of-the-art, shooter-friendly facilities.

The International Shooting Sports Federation ‘is highly impressed with’ the facilities.

Busily preparing to provide services, including accommodations and transportation.


The ‘Changwon International Shooting Range,’ which will be the venue of the 2018 Changwon World Shooting Championships that will begin on August 31, has revealed its grandeur to the public. Shooters from all around the world have been keenly paying attention to its state-of-the-art facilities.


♣ Changwon International Shooting Range Rebuilding Project

The new Changwon International Shooting Range has added △100 sites for 10m shooting (additional 20 sites), △ 70 sites for 25m shooting (additional 10 sites), △ 80 sites for 50m shooting (new), △5 sites for 10m RT (new), △ 2 sites for 50m RT (new), △ 6 sides for clay shooting (additional 2 sides), and △ 15 sites for the finals (new).

The International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) dispatched technical delegations twice last March and November to conduct inspections, and acknowledged that the venue meets international regulations and that the facilities as a whole are shooter-friendly.

Once all construction work is completed, the International Shooting Sports Federation will be officially asked to conduct a final inspection of the various facilities. In April, the ISSF Changwon World Cup International Shooting Competition will be held here, with about 1,000 shooters from about 70 countries expected to grace the different facilities and to gain experience from using them.

Furthermore, professional shooting facilities will be installed in the shooting ranges, along with a shooting range for tourists and a shooting history center that is equipped with advanced screen shooting systems to meet tourist demand after the World Shooting Championships.


Changwon International Shooting Range construction site


♣ Busily preparing for a successful staging of the event

With the completion of the Changwon International Shooting Range, organizers are working hard to provide basic services, including accommodations and transportation for the shooters, the operation of the event, and the opening and closing ceremonies.

Changwon will secure 31 local lodging services (2,050 guest rooms) for the 2018 Changwon World Shooting Championships, accommodating about 4,500 shooters and officials from 120 countries, inspect the facilities, and train staff members to ensure the delivery of guest-friendly services and to prevent untoward incidents. Each lodging facility will operate a help desk to provide participants with information on where to go, terrific restaurants to visit, and amenities at the sports venue.

To ensure smooth operations, both foreign judges and the local operating staff will be trained, while a central headquarters will be established with the officials of ISSF in May. The ISSF Medical Committee will join the doping center to check the participants for weapons, supplies, and 120 prohibited drugs.

Moreover, 280 volunteers will be selected for the civil and government network of six efficient services, including registration, information, protocols, language, and medical support.

The opening ceremony will be held at Changwon Stadium on September 1, focusing on ‘achieving world peace through the shooters’ passion, unity, and sportsmanship.’ The opening ceremony will bring the cultures of the participating nations as one to stress communication and unity, while the originality of the Korean culture will be showcased to introduce the image of Changwon to the world.


♣ Overview of the ‘2018 Changwon World Shooting Championships’

The World Shooting Championships is the most authoritative event hosted by ISSF, and is one of the five major global sporting events held every four years.

Since the first event in Lyon, France, in 1897, the event has been held 51 times in Europe (42 times), America (7 times), Africa (once), and Asia (once). The 52nd event will be held in Changwon, Korea this August. The World Shooting Championships has returned to Korea 40 years since it was first held in Seoul in 1978.

The ‘2018 Changwon World Shooting Championships’ will be inviting about 4,500 shooters from 120 countries to 60 events, including pistols, rifles, clay shooting, and running target shooting under the slogan, ‘Aim at the dream of tomorrow, from Changwon to the world!’ for 16 days, from August 31 through September 15.

“The World Shooting Championships held in Changwon is a major event in celebration of the 2018 Year of Visiting Changwon, so we expect that its success would revitalize the local economy and make Changwon an international city for sports and tourism,” said a local official.

The coming of spring! The romantic embroidery of pink cherry blossoms ‘The 56th Jinhae Gunhangje Festival’ begins on April 1

…Many events, including Succeeding Chungmugong Yi’s Patriotic Spirit, Yeojoacheon Starlight Festival, cultural performances, Sokcheonhang Multimedia Fireworks at Sea, the opening of the military base (Naval Academy, Naval Education and Training Command, and Jinhae Base Command), and the Jinhae Military Band and Honor Guard Festival surrounding the magnificent view of 360,000 cherry trees…



The ‘Jinhae Gunhangje Festival,’ the messenger of spring every year, will be starting soon. Celebrating its 56th anniversary this year, the ‘Jinhae Gunhangje Festival’ will be held across Jinhae-gu, Changwon from April 1 through April 10.


The ‘Jinhae Gunhangje Festival,’ where you can enjoy the fragrance of pink cherry blossoms, is Korea’s most celebrated cherry blossom festival held in Changwon every spring.


The ‘Jinhae Gunhangje Festival’ will present the most exciting things to see in Gunhangje, along with the magnificent view of 360,000 cherry trees, including Succeeding Chungmugong Yi’s Patriotic Spirit, Yeojoacheon Starlight Festival, cultural performances, and Sokcheonhang Multimedia Fireworks at Sea, the opening of the military base (Naval Academy, Naval Education and Training Command, and the Jinhae Base Command), and the 2018 Jinhae Military Band and Honor Guard Festival.



In particular, there will be a ‘Jinhae Gunhang Tour Bus’ to take people around the beautiful cherry blossoms and the renowned tourist attractions of Changwon, the ‘Owl Flea Market and Night Market’ at Jinhae Jungang Market around Jungwon Rotary, the main stage of the Gunhangje Festival, and military experience events near the entrance to the Jinhae Public Stadium.



The entire city of Jinhae is filled with the fragrance of cherry blossoms every April, and when the ‘Jinhae Gunhangje Festival’ is held, you can enjoy the glamorous blossoms of Prunus yedoensis, which are over 100 years old, and the snow-white cherry blossom tunnel.


There are scenic points where you can enjoy beautiful snow blossoms and their fragrances while aboard a car, so you can experience spring romance as long as you want.


Changwon City is currently doing its best to ensure sufficient accommodations, a clean environment, sanitary food, smooth-flowing traffic, and public safety throughout the duration of the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival.


Changwon City selected for its Ecological Tourism Resource Project


Jinhae’s economic/ecological tourism revived with South Korea’s largest Hinoki cybress forest

Yeojoacheon, known for its cherry blossoms ▶ Jinhae Inland Water Environment Ecopark  ▶ Mt. Jangbok Hinoki Cypress Healing Forest ▶ Anmin Hill ▶ Jinhae Dream Road ▶ Wood Experience Center


Changwon City recently announced that it was selected as the recipient of a KRW215 million national grant (total: KRW430 million) for the 2018 Ecological Tourism Resource Project of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

Jinhae Yeojoacheon
Jinhae Dream Road

This project involves building ecological tourism infrastructure and developing an ecological experience program using South Korea’s largest Hinoki forest in Jinhae, and nurturing ecological interpreters among the locals to create Changwon’s special ecological tour resource for “a healing trip to the Hinoki forest with the sea breeze all year round.”

Mt. Jangbok Hinoki Healing Forest
Anmin Hill
Jinhae Inland Water Environment Ecopark
Wood Experience Center

The tourism resources included in the ecological tour course are ▲ Yeojoacheon, known for its cherry blossoms, as a part of Jinhae Gunhang Festival; ▲ Jinhae Inland Water Environment Ecopark, voted the most picture-perfect scenic spot by South Korean photographers; ▲ Mt. Jangbok Hinoki Healing Forest, with various healing programs held at South Korea’s largest phytoncide room, health examination room, kids’ forest experience room, and forest yoga site; ▲ Anmin Hill, for a beautiful view of Changwon at night; ▲ Jinhae Dream Road, voted one of the 100 most beautiful roads of South Korea by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation; and ▲ Wood Experience Center, for its various courses and experiences in woodcraft.

“Jinhae’s Hinoki Forest is the largest in South Korea, with the longest history, but it is not widely known,” said a representative of Changwon City. “We will develop the ecological tourism resources of Jinhae’s unmatched natural environment to make it South Korea’s greatest attraction for healing by nature.”


Jinhae rises as the South Coast’s major maritime and leisure attraction

Jinhae Myeongdong Marina’s work design has been completed and will be ready for groundbreaking in June.

Myeong-dong in Jinhae-gu, the home of Jinhae Myeongdong Marina, currently houses Maritime Park, Solar Tower, Marina Embankment, and Udo Walking Bridge.

Jinhae Myeongdong Marina Development Project for the nationally funded marina has started. The work design was recently completed, in time for the groundbreaking in June. The project is targeted to be completed in 2020.

Once Jinhae Myeongdong Marina Development Project is completed, the Myeong-dong area in Jinhae is expected to become a new maritime and leisure attraction, representing the South Coast, along with the marina, Eumji Island Maritime Park, Zip Track, and Eung-dong Tourism & Leisure Complex.

♣ Characteristics of Jinhae Myeongdong Marina

Jinhae Myeongdong Marina will be South Korea’s first repairable marina and the hub of the South Coast, with special features.

The Myeong-dong area in Jinhae-gu also houses Jinhae Maritime Park; the 136m-high Solar Tower, the tallest solar power generation facility in South Korea; and Udo Walking Bridge, and embankment. Once Zip Track and Eung-dong Tourism & Leisure Complex, the maritime leisure facility connecting Maritime Park and Sokuri Island, are completed, they will become the center of Changwon’s maritime and leisure tourism.

With the addition of the distinct, convenient, and popular Myeong-dong Marina, it will quickly rise as South Korea’s hottest place, attracting many locals and foreign tourists.

♣ Effect of Jinhae Myeongdong Marina

The economic effects of Jinhae Myeongdong Marina Development Project will include KRW438.8-billion-worth productivity and KRW163.9-billion-worth value added for 30 years of construction and operation, and the direct and indirect employment of 2,800 people.

In addition, with the higher national income and more free time for leisure activities, more people are enjoying maritime tourism and leisure sports, and the number of leisure vessels registered in Changwon has quickly grown from 471 in 2015 to 544 in 2016 and 652 in 2017.

<photo> Myeong-dong, Jinhae-gu, the future home of Jinhae Myeongdong Marina, currently houses Maritime Park, Solar Tower, Marina Embankment, and Udo Walking Bridge.