Promising businesses successfully explored new sales channels abroad

Green light onto the markets in Vietnam and malaysia
Performances in April… over usD 10.8 million in contract or inquiries

Changwon City achieved remarkable success at the ‘2018 Vietnam Hanoi EXPO’ that was held in Hanoi, Vietnam last April.

Many promising small/medium businesses occupied booths at Vietnam EXPO’s International Hall, including Silver Fox and Seng Seng Biotech, to discover international buyers, promote products, survey the local market, and engage in small talks to initiate cooperation.

As a result, the amount of inquiries reached USD 2,762,000, and contracts and MOUs were signed for USD 505,000. They discussed schedules for technological exchanges to help businesses in the Vietnamese market.

Also, they met with the officials of the Haiphong Industrial Complex in southern Hanoi to ask them to support Korean companies in Vietnam.

In Malaysia, Changwon City participated in the ‘2018 Malaysia Defense Industry Fair, International Hall’ at the Kuala Lumpur International Convention Center, where it entered into contracts worth USD 869,000.

Haeam Tech Co., Ltd. and three other businesses participated in the fair to display their products, discuss business, find international buyers, and promote their companies. Changwon City made over USD 10.8 million in contracts and inquiries at the two international events, so it can continue discovering local businesses with high potential and support outstanding products to expand its market.


‘Super Vision’ for children at crisis

Changwon City’s recent ‘Dream Start Super Vision’ with the Mental Health Center was a massive success. ‘Dream Start Super Vision’ is a program that is created to help families with high risk of suicide due to financial hardships or other personal reasons. The meeting included an explanation of the gatekeeper that can detect high risk of suicide early, how child care workers can handle people exposed to high risk of suicide, relevant social support system, and available institutions.

Also, they discussed how to help parents in crisis on how to care for their children, and provided solutions to help children grow soundly and healthily.

The City actively grants children in need with personalized services for health, cognition, and emotional support, and will be cooperating with child welfare providers.

Standing tall’ as a tourist city with nc DINOS

  • Changwon masan Baseball stadium to open in April next year, can accommodate up to 20,000 people

  • Attracting Taiwanese tourists with Wang Wei Chung

NC Dinos is expected to sail smoothly. It is running toward success with the catchphrase, ‘Sail for an Exciting Voyage in 2018.’

Changwon City is exerting diverse efforts to create synergies with NC Dinos. First, ‘Changwon Masan Baseball Stadium’ has been under construction with a budget of 124 billion KRW since November 2016. It can accommodate 22,000 people at a time, and it will be unveiled before the opening ceremony of the Pro Baseball Season in April next year. It will include a cultural complex that combines sports and tourism, including a large picnic park, baseball tutorials, and baseball stadium tour programs.

They are also actively inviting international tourists. Changwon City and Taichung, Taiwan entered into an international friendly city agreement on April 11, with the help of Wang Wei Chung, a Taiwanese pitcher active in the Korean Pro Baseball League. The two cities laid a foundation for various substantial exchanges based on the agreement with Taichung, the third largest city in Taiwan. Furthermore, NC Team and Air Busan recently entered into an agreement to attract tourists from Taiwan. They will be offering the ‘Wang Wei Chung Baseball Game Package’ through local travel agents, including ground photo opportunities and flight ticket promotions.

Changwon is ‘the best’ for winter training

3,784 athletes in 16 events are contributing to the local economy
Various competitions and amenities for athletes

Changwon City is the new Mecca of winter training for athletes. A total of 3,784 athletes in 16 events and 325 teams, including soccer and baseball, have visited Changwon between December last year and March this year for winter training. Their contribution to the local economy reached 1.983 billion KRW.

There were several teams. Nang Xia Xian Weh Hai and Dalian Chowuwei Pro Soccer Teams came from China, while the soccer teams of Yonsei University, Dongkuk University, and local high schools have visited Changwon Soccer Center. The 13 renowned high school baseball teams, including Baeje High School, Suncheon Hyocheon High School, and Jangan High School, have been coming to Changwon every year. They have finished winter training at the 88 Baseball Stadium.

The City provided lodging, restaurants, and other amenities to accommodate the training teams, hosted different competitions, and addressed complaints. It will continue to use the sports-related infrastructure across the city, including the Changwon Soccer Center, the Changwon Masan Baseball Stadium, and other sports centers, to attract more training teams throughout the year.

The newly constructed Yi Sun Shin Leadership International Center

The new, four-story building of the Cultural Center has been built at the old Agricultural, Forestry, and Fishery Quarantine Center site across the Masan Happo-gu Office. It has different facilities, including a film archive center, a native resource center, and an exhibition center. In the future, it will offer cultural school programs and art classes to contribute to the promotion of local culture.

The ‘Yi Sun Shin Leadership International Center’ also opened on April 28 so visitors could study General Yi Sun Shin’s leadership and nurture global minds.

The Yi Sun Shin Leadership International Center, located at Pungho-dong, Jinhae-gu, has a meeting room that can accommodate about 200 people, a book cafe, and an exhibition hall. It also has other amenities, including lodging rooms, a fitness center, and a cafeteria. To develop the Yi Sun Shin Leadership International Center into a world-class hall of leadership training, Changwon City is planning to ▲ open the Yi Sun Shin Academy, ▲ establish an international education cooperation center, and ▲ develop contents related to Yi Sun Shin.

The temptation of red roses, Rose Garden is now open

It is May, also known as the queen of the seasons. At the Rose Garden, which is located at Gaeumjeong-dong, Seongsan-gu, there are tens of thousands of roses blooming beautifully.

The Rose Garden, which opened on April 8, is 28,700㎡ in size, and it attracts tourists with 23,000 roots of 99 species of roses, including Rosa centifolia, standard roses, and mini roses.

There are many things worth checking out in the venue, including tunnels and towers decorated with roses, the statue of Cupid holding an arrow of love, and a character photo zone along the rose trail.

More roses, landscaping lighting, and photo zones have been added last year for a more colorful and exotic ambiance. The rose garden is now open through October 30, while the roses will remain in full bloom until June.

Dive into Changwon’s hidden charms of ‘culture and arts’!

▣ Modern Culture Alley Tour with a Cultural Interpreter

Changwon City has been operating the ‘Modern Culture & History Alley Tour’ program by using Jinhae’s modern cultural heritage as tourism resources since March 1.

Cultural Space Heukbaek

The Modern Culture & History Alley Tour courses have been developed since last year, exploring and sharing Jinhae’s hidden heritage of history and culture, where 15 modern cultural interpreters will be assigned to assist in the tour, including three bilingual interpreters for English and Japanese services.

The ‘Modern Culture & History Alley Tour’ starts off at the ‘Navy House’ located by the entrance to the Korean Navy Jinhae Headquarters.

The tour courses will take you through Korea’s first ▲ Statue of Chungmugong Yi Soon Shin, which is Changwon’s Modern Structure No. 1, ▲ Cultural Space Heukbaek, ▲ Yukgakjip, ▲ Gunhang Village History Center, and ▲ Jinhae Post Office, along with an overall explanation of Jinhae’s history. Lastly, you can see the beautiful view of Jinhae from the top of Jinhae Tower on Mt. Jehwang.


▣ Masan Cultural Center for cultural experiences

Bird’s-eye View of Masan Cultural Center

Founded in 1965, Masan Cultural Center will be moving to a new building and gearing for a fresh start for the first time in 53 years.

Masan Cultural Center is a four-story building with various facilities, including the Movie Archive, Native Resource Center, Auditorium, and Library. It also operates many local cultural programs, such as the culture school and art classes.


▣ The Blossom Yeojoa Project

Yeojoacheon River of Jinhae

Yeojoa-dong of Jinhae-gu is promoting the ‘Blossom Yeojoa’ project. The Blossom Yeojoa Project refers to ‘the blooming of cherry blossoms in Yeojoa, and families doing better and smiling more in Yeojoa.’

Beautiful Alley, Clean and Safety Alley, and Healing Road have been established to improve the living environment around the Yeojoacheon River, while other community projects are promoted, including village schools and Yeojoacheon Romance.

Once tourism resources are developed, using Yeojoa-dong’s natural environment, such as the Yeojoacheon River, Inland Water Ecological Park, and Mt. Jangbok, Jinhae’s Old Town area will be blooming again.