The ‘Taste’ Trip of Fall with the Chrysanthemums!

The streets of tastes around the venues of Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemums Festival.

Some of the major delicacies include grilled eels, steamed angler fish, and Tongsul.

The Masan area of Changwon City is filled with the fragrance of chrysanthemums when fall is in the air. The brightly colorful chrysanthemums of fall capture the attention and mesmerize the passersby. When 100,000 chrysanthemums cover the view of Masan by the sea, the enticing ‘Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemums Festival’ begins.

Chang-dong and Odong-dong of the Festival were filled with adult entertainment streets during the Japanese Imperial Rule and before and after the Korean War. The agony of women sacrificed for the men’s entertainment inspired many songs. Odong-dong had a port at that time, so the crew from the ships looked for places to drink and eat. Therefore, the streets were occupied by eateries serving Masan’s three major offerings: steamed anglerfish, puffer fish, and Tongsul.

2.장어구이거리_1▲ Grilled Eel

As grilled eel places opened one after another along the coastal road of Masan Fish Market, the Eel Street was created. It is the highlight of the Chrysanthemums Festival. Fresh eel is best enjoyed raw, but it is also delicious when marinated and grilled.

1.아구찜▲ Steamed Anglerfish

Once upon a time, an old lady with a lump on her cheek owned a restaurant in Odong-dong, Masan. She was the first one who steamed the anglerfish the fishermen had brought using soybean paste, hot pepper paste, garlic, and scallions. It tasted good, so she offered it to her regulars. That was the beginning of steamed anglerfish. The unique texture and taste of the fish have made it popular across Korea and steamed anglerfish has become Masan’s signature brand.

3.오동동통술거리_2▲ Tongsul

The fishermen would look for a place to drink when they came back ashore with ships full of fish. The table was set with assorted seafood and Tongsul was served with it. The fresh seafood went great with the alcoholic beverages.

▲ Masan Fish Market

Masan Fish Market is a traditional marketplace that follows on the history of Masan Marketplace, which was in Masanpo, the center of seaborne transportation, during the Joseon Dynasty. Now there are wholesale fish markets and raw fish restaurants on either side of the coastal road. The marketplace is filled with various kinds of fish and seafood so you can enjoy the true taste of each season.

국수.JPG▲ Masan Burim Market Street of Tastes

You can enjoy various kinds of affordable dishes including noodles, Bibimnaengmyeon, Mullaengmyeon, Jjolmyeon, and Japchae, on the Street of Tastes along the stretch of road from Burim Market to Chang-dong. You can also stop by the Creative Craft Town near Burim Marketplace.


Tour of Taste Navigation
Steamed Angler Fish Street 1 Agujjim-gil Masanhappo-gu
Grilled Eel Street 113 Susan-2(Ee)-gil Masanhappo-gu
Puffer Fish Street 12 Bongnyori-ro Masanhappo-gu
Tongsul Street 35-2 Odongbuk-19-gil Masanhappo-gu

30 Munhwabuk-1-gil Masanhappo-gu

Masan Fish Market Raw Fish Street 7 Bongnyori-ro Masanhappo-gu

8 Buljonggeori-ro Masanhappo-gu

Masan Burim Market Street of Tastes Burim Shopping Mall, 352 3‧15-daero Masanhappo-gu






A network of Korean entrepreneurs opens!

Korean entrepreneurs from 146 cities in 74 countries around the world.

Changwon City hosts the ’23rd World Korean Entrepreneur Rally’ at the Changwon Convention Center from October 30 to November 2.

Under the slogan of ‘the economic network of Koreans united in Changwon,’ the event will be jointly hosted with the World Korean Traders’ Association. The participants will include about 1,200 Korean entrepreneurs, related officers, and government officials from 146 cities in 74 countries around the world.

To be held every October, ‘the World Korean Entrepreneur Rally’ will gather Korean entrepreneurs active around the world to share information, reinforce the human network, and work with the exporter organizations for economic exchanges.

This year’s rally will also involve ‘the new-generation forum’ for in-depth discussions to strengthen global business competence through exchanges and networking between generations.

In relation to the advanced industry strategies of Changwon City, 83 outstanding small/medium businesses will be selected for export opportunities and PR. Local men and women and organizations interested in finding jobs overseas can benefit from the ‘global job seeking and consultation for young men and women.’

Moreover, there are various programs related to the tour of local industrial/cultural/historical landmarks and the Chrysanthemums Festival held in October for the Korean entrepreneurs visiting Changwon.

한인경제인 교류의 장 열린다.jpg
The 2017 World Korea Entrepreneur Rally


Power up to develop the defense industry and aviation parts industry!

Plans to nurture the future growth engine announced.

Convergence ecosystem with marketing support.

Changwon City has recently announced through a press conference ‘the plans to nurture advanced defense industry and aviation parts industry’ for the second leap of Changwon’s local economy.

The defense industry and aviation industry will be developed into new growth engines with the advanced structure to overcome the manufacturing industry crisis in shipbuilding and automotive.

First of all, the ‘Defense Industry Promotion Institute’ will be established in Changwon to build an infrastructure for the defense industry convergence ecosystem. There are also plans to add 10 more powerful businesses with innovative technology in the defense industry by 2022 and 30 more by 2026.

For global marketing, international buyers will be explored through various routes to promote and support exports. Also, a graduate school in the defense industry will also be established with a local university to reinforce the competence of specialized workforce.

The City will also nurture the aviation industry. At present, Changwon has 38 businesses related to aviation and a rich bed of supporting industries, including the precision machine and electronics industry. The R&D infrastructure includes the Electric Research Institute and the Materials Lab. The City is planning to increase technical support to develop the parts technology, improve the processes with its outstanding infrastructure and strengthen technological competitiveness.

Changwon City believes that the defense and aviation cluster would expand from the direct type to the convergence type and more regular companies would start businesses in the defense industry. Changwon expects to generate 10,000 jobs worth 5.6 trillion.

Changwon National Industrial Complex expanded by 440,000 ㎡!

To invest 168.6 billion KRW by 2020

To attract ‧advanced industries with high value added services

Changwon City signed an agreement with Korea Industrial Complex Corporation on the 17th of September to jointly expand the Changwon National Industrial Complex.

The expanded Changwon National Industrial Complex will occupy 435,180 ㎡ in Sangbok-dong, Seongsan-gu to provide more industrial lots in Changwon and attract advanced industries. With Korea Industrial Complex Corporation, a total of 168.6 billion KRW will be invested to complete the complex by December 2022.

The existing Changwon National Industrial Complex occupies 25,300,000 ㎡ and houses about 2,500 companies. With the new agreement, the expansion project that began in 2015 will be expedited.

The City will attract advanced industries specialized in hydrogen fuel cells and eco-friendly vehicle parts industries in the expanded complex. The complex will be operated as a base for advanced machineries with high value added services. The complex will also be used to prepare for the ‘4th Industrial Revolution.’창원국가산단 435천㎡(13만평) 늘어난다

창원국가산단 435천㎡(13만평) 늘어난다2
Photo after signing the joint project agreement for the expansion of Changwon National Industrial Complex.


A big leap into a global Mecca of hydrogen!

100 billion KRW invested in building infrastructure

Annual forum of hydrogen industry to be held from October

Changwon City will build an infrastructure with the recent selection of the hydrogen industry as a future strategic industry.

With the recent downturn in the mechanical industry of Changwon National Industrial Complex, the hydrogen industry has been chosen as the new growth engine.

The major project is for building the Changwon hydrogen energy circulation system. Hydrogen stations and hydrogen production facilities are to be built using CNG (compressed natural gas), as well as carbon dioxide reprocessing systems. These would complete a complex of hydrogen energy connected to the solar power and fuel cell power generation plants by 2020. As of today, 93 billion KRW have been invested in the project that will serve as the platform for Changwon’s leadership in the hydrogen industry.

Infrastructure for hydrogen cars and stations are also quickly being built. The infrastructure was first constructed when Changwon was selected by the Korean government to supply hydrogen cars and stations in 2015. As of last month, one station and 82 hydrogen cars are in operation and 6 more stations, 1,000 hydrogen cars, and 50 hydrogen buses will be supplied by 2020.

Exhibitions and forums related to hydrogen fuel cells will be hosted annually from October. The ‘H2 WORLD Organizing Committee’ successfully hosted the ‘Changwon International Hydrogen Energy Exhibition & Forum’ at the Changwon Convention Center from the 10th to the 12th. It will be held every year as the hydrogen industry’s leading global event.

Changwon develops into the smart city of innovation!

Comprehensive response system for a smart city

Smart manufacturing innovation with smart factories to be completed by 2022.

창원형 스마트혁신도시로 도약 (1)There are stories of ‘smart’ everywhere, including smart cities, smart factories, and smart farms. Changwon City is also moving fast to build a ‘smart city’ and a ‘smart factory.’

A smart city is a sustainable city of future and technology that provides various urban services based on the urban infrastructure built using advanced construction and IT technology to boost the competitiveness of the city and raise quality of life.

Also, the purpose is to improve the quality of life by △ resolving traffic congestion with intelligent traffic and logistics networks, △ improving urban efficiency by saving on logistics cost, and providing △ smart urban management, smart tourism, and smart cultural services.

Building a test bed for a smart city

Changwon City has decided to turn Masan New Marine City into a smart city test bed as a platform equipped with the new technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution to resolve urban problems of the future.

Changwon City will establish the 4-year plan to build the Masan New Marine City Smart City. The plan will be established by November and acquire the approval of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport during the second half of next year.

A public discussion committee is also formed to make decisions on the development of Masan New Marine City to lay the foundation based on directions from public opinion.

‘Changwon Smart City’ and by 2021, will complete ‘the Smart City Integrated Platform,’ the S/W to provide various processing services to control security, disaster prevention, and facilities in the city.창원형 스마트혁신도시로 도약 (5).JPG

Smart manufacture to strengthen the growth engine

Changwon City will build 600 smart cities with innovative manufacturing for 4 years with 4 innovative measures to strengthen the economic growth engines.

Four innovative measures discover and promote the specialized projects tailored for the local region and these measures are: △ process innovation, △ technology innovation, △ job creation, and △ information exchange and technology transfer. It is expected that more than 30% of local companies would be turned into smart factories by 2022.

The customized smart factories for aged industrial complexes will receive systematic support and nurture specialized workforce from the early stage.

Local IT/SW ecosystem will be utilized actively. Systems will be developed and supplied using intelligent robots and machines and SW convergence through a consortium. By 2022 a total of 85.6 billion KRW will be invested in major R&D projects.창원형 스마트혁신도시로 도약 (7)

The first smart factory solution

The ‘2018 Gyeongnam Changwon International Smart Factory Conference & EXPO’ was held for the first time in a local city for 3 days from the September 5. The world’s specialized companies and experts leading the smart factory industry gathered to demonstrate optimized solutions.

Changwon City is actively sharing the world’s industrial trends related to smart factories and information systems through forums and exhibitions, promoting government policies and supporting advanced technology.

Into the Festival with the migrants

The global multicultural festival, ‘2018 MAMF,’ held in success.

An event of unity and respect.

The ‘2018 MAMF,’ a festival of cultural diversity with the migrants, was held at the Yongji Cultural Park and Seongsan Art Hall for 3 days from September 5-7.

Celebrating its 13th anniversary, the ‘MAMF (Migrants’ Arirang Multicultural Festival)’ is Korea’s largest global multicultural festival where you can learn the diverse culture of the world by transcending nationality, skin color, and generation.

This year, about 10 countries including the Philippines, Indonesia, and Mongolia participated in various events and performances with the slogan, ‘EAT, PLAY, LOVE.’

In particular, MAMF’s multicultural parade was a glamorous street feast where migrants and local people could understand and enjoy cultural diversity.

Various additional events brought excitement to everyone at the Yongji Cultural Park, including the ‘Korea Migrants’ Singing Contest’ of 13 finalist teams from 9 regions around Korea, the ‘Asia Pop Music Concert’ featuring popular Asian singers, and ‘World Food Tasting.’

 People enjoying the ‘2018 MAMF