Changwon is rising to the challenge to become a world-class city

  • A well-planned city!
  • Changwon’s strong industrial foundation and urban infrastructure, Masan’s cultural value as a sacred home of the democratic movement and naval port city, Jinhae’s abundant development factors and beautiful oceanic leisure resources-by combining and developing the merits of the three cities harmoniously, Unified Changwon City is taking on the apppearance of a world-class city day by day.


Changwon is growing as an international city which will lead the world.

  • By joining 14 international organizations, participating in the common development of global cities and further strengthening global urban marketing, Changwon is leading change in the international urban environment.

Masterpiece city facing greater challenges

  • Changwon used to be one of the best cities in Korea and is now taking on the appearance of an international city.
  • With its experience as the host of the Ramsar Convention, and its status as the host country of the 2012 IAEC World Convention, Changwon is currently working with 14 different international organizations, and serving as an international committee member of the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), the largest international organization after the UN, participated in by some 2,000 local governments around the world.
  • With its invitation to othe International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC) held in San Paolo, Brazil, as well as to the Mayor’s Conference on Self-governing Organizations’ Protection Measures for Biological Diversity held in Bonn, Germany, Changwon presented its educational and environmental policies and its mayor was selected as one of the World’s 50 Best Mayors by the Mayor of London, England, as a result of its active participation in international activities.

Masan, a sacred home of the democratization movement and the tigger of the 03.15 anti-government movement in Korea

  • Masan is fast becoming a renaissance city blessed with culture.
  • With its concentration of robotics and IT technology companies, Masan is building a new growth engine infrastructure.
  • In order to be born again as a people-friendly city, it has launched a cultural renaissance movement and is creating a waterfront at Masan Bay and promoting urban regeneration projects.

Jinhae, a hothouse of development resources

  • Jinhae is developing itself as a hub of the oceanic tourism leisure industry by securing an ocean infrastructure blessed with originality rather than contenting itself with the status of an ocean tourism city.
  • With its new port and Free Economic Zone, Jinhae will be developed as a “free city” where international business activities can be conducted conveniently.

Changwon, a well-designed city of great dignity

  • Centering on Changwon Boulevard, which is densely packed with 300 private companies’ subsidiary research institutes and various national project research agencies, Changwon City is constructing an R&D Belt in the southeastern area of the city, estavlishing a Korean-style Silicon Valley and renovating its downtown area as part of its planned transformation into a world-class Smart City.

11 responses to “About”

  1. Franz Martin Avatar
    Franz Martin

    Great info and resource! Good Job!

    I read the info on the city bus tour and I would like to know on how I can make a reservation? I would also appreciate if you could send me a pdf brochure on the tourist spots to my email if there’s any?


    1. Changwon city Avatar

      Thank you for commenting our blog.

      We regret that we don’t have a pdf brochure about Changwon City tour bus in English. We are making the brocuhure.

      Instead, We will send Changwon City tourist map in English to you by email.
      And You can get more information about Changwon City tour bus from below post of our blog.


      Have a nice day!

  2. Gift Avatar

    May I ask about the transportation if I travel by KTX from seoul, should I get off at Changwonjungang or Masan station and the approximately price from both station to romance bridge by taxi?

    1. Changwon city Avatar

      Thank you for commenting our blog!!
      First of all, we are sorry for the late reply.
      Changwon Jung-ang station is 16km away from the bridge and it will cost you about 15,000won by taxi. From Masan station to the bridge is about 13km, and 11,000won by taxi. However, taxi fee can be different depending on the traffic as you might be aware of.

  3. gift Avatar

    T.hank you for your information.

  4. Alisha Avatar

    I am moving to Changwon in October to teach English. I cannot wait to explore all this city has to offer! Any helpful tips or top places I should see for my first week in Changwon?

    1. Changwon city Avatar

      You can find some tips at our homepage.
      We are sorry for the late reply. Have a good travel.

  5. Katherine Mardesich Avatar
    Katherine Mardesich

    The photos are lovely. May I borrow one to put on my Facebook page? It’s so beautiful.

    1. Changwon city Avatar

      Yes, It’s Okey.

  6. L Avatar

    We have received The ChangWon Times newspaper in our office. Is there any contact mail to write back? Thank you so much!

    1. Changwon city Avatar

      sorry for late answer. is there any problem you want to talk? you can send me email: heynicole86@korea.kr
      or call me 010-8698-1186 my name is Nicole. i am korean, so my english is not so good but i can communicate. contact me and let me know what you need. then i will find thd way to solve the problem.

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