About Changwon city

With its 600 years of tradition, Changwon is a self-governing local government with the highest level of competitiveness in Korea. It is transforming itself into a world masterpiece city by improving the quality of its citizens' daily life through a wide range of welfare, education, culture, and environmental programs.

Changwon City selected for its Ecological Tourism Resource Project


Jinhae’s economic/ecological tourism revived with South Korea’s largest Hinoki cybress forest

Yeojoacheon, known for its cherry blossoms ▶ Jinhae Inland Water Environment Ecopark  ▶ Mt. Jangbok Hinoki Cypress Healing Forest ▶ Anmin Hill ▶ Jinhae Dream Road ▶ Wood Experience Center


Changwon City recently announced that it was selected as the recipient of a KRW215 million national grant (total: KRW430 million) for the 2018 Ecological Tourism Resource Project of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

Jinhae Yeojoacheon

Jinhae Dream Road

This project involves building ecological tourism infrastructure and developing an ecological experience program using South Korea’s largest Hinoki forest in Jinhae, and nurturing ecological interpreters among the locals to create Changwon’s special ecological tour resource for “a healing trip to the Hinoki forest with the sea breeze all year round.”

Mt. Jangbok Hinoki Healing Forest

Anmin Hill

Jinhae Inland Water Environment Ecopark

Wood Experience Center

The tourism resources included in the ecological tour course are ▲ Yeojoacheon, known for its cherry blossoms, as a part of Jinhae Gunhang Festival; ▲ Jinhae Inland Water Environment Ecopark, voted the most picture-perfect scenic spot by South Korean photographers; ▲ Mt. Jangbok Hinoki Healing Forest, with various healing programs held at South Korea’s largest phytoncide room, health examination room, kids’ forest experience room, and forest yoga site; ▲ Anmin Hill, for a beautiful view of Changwon at night; ▲ Jinhae Dream Road, voted one of the 100 most beautiful roads of South Korea by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation; and ▲ Wood Experience Center, for its various courses and experiences in woodcraft.

“Jinhae’s Hinoki Forest is the largest in South Korea, with the longest history, but it is not widely known,” said a representative of Changwon City. “We will develop the ecological tourism resources of Jinhae’s unmatched natural environment to make it South Korea’s greatest attraction for healing by nature.”



Jinhae rises as the South Coast’s major maritime and leisure attraction

Jinhae Myeongdong Marina’s work design has been completed and will be ready for groundbreaking in June.

Myeong-dong in Jinhae-gu, the home of Jinhae Myeongdong Marina, currently houses Maritime Park, Solar Tower, Marina Embankment, and Udo Walking Bridge.

Jinhae Myeongdong Marina Development Project for the nationally funded marina has started. The work design was recently completed, in time for the groundbreaking in June. The project is targeted to be completed in 2020.

Once Jinhae Myeongdong Marina Development Project is completed, the Myeong-dong area in Jinhae is expected to become a new maritime and leisure attraction, representing the South Coast, along with the marina, Eumji Island Maritime Park, Zip Track, and Eung-dong Tourism & Leisure Complex.

♣ Characteristics of Jinhae Myeongdong Marina

Jinhae Myeongdong Marina will be South Korea’s first repairable marina and the hub of the South Coast, with special features.

The Myeong-dong area in Jinhae-gu also houses Jinhae Maritime Park; the 136m-high Solar Tower, the tallest solar power generation facility in South Korea; and Udo Walking Bridge, and embankment. Once Zip Track and Eung-dong Tourism & Leisure Complex, the maritime leisure facility connecting Maritime Park and Sokuri Island, are completed, they will become the center of Changwon’s maritime and leisure tourism.

With the addition of the distinct, convenient, and popular Myeong-dong Marina, it will quickly rise as South Korea’s hottest place, attracting many locals and foreign tourists.

♣ Effect of Jinhae Myeongdong Marina

The economic effects of Jinhae Myeongdong Marina Development Project will include KRW438.8-billion-worth productivity and KRW163.9-billion-worth value added for 30 years of construction and operation, and the direct and indirect employment of 2,800 people.

In addition, with the higher national income and more free time for leisure activities, more people are enjoying maritime tourism and leisure sports, and the number of leisure vessels registered in Changwon has quickly grown from 471 in 2015 to 544 in 2016 and 652 in 2017.

<photo> Myeong-dong, Jinhae-gu, the future home of Jinhae Myeongdong Marina, currently houses Maritime Park, Solar Tower, Marina Embankment, and Udo Walking Bridge.

Make sweet memories like sweet persimmon

Sweet Persimmon Theme Park is visited by 10,000 people a month after it opened in June last year

Became the region’s major tourist site…. Hosts Sweet Persimmon Festival every year

Changwon is Korea’s first cultivation field and the large production region of sweet persimmon. 40,000 tons of sweet persimmons are produced a year from an area of over 2,000ha. Changwon maintains an annual average temperature of 15and precipitation of 1,300mm, which are favorable conditions and soil for cultivating sweet persimmon. Sweet persimmon is very sweet and crispy, so it has the highest popularity throughout the country and is also being recognized for its excellent quality as it is exported abroad such as Southeast Asia and Canada. To widely spread the historical value of cultivation site and excellence of sweet persimmon, Sweet Persimmon Theme Park was created in June last year at an area of 49,000m2 in Hwayang-ri, Dong-eup. It has become a famous tourist site visited by 10,000 people a month for average.

Sweet Persimmon Theme Park has a promotional hall, experience facility, sweet persimmon orchard, etc. It runs various programs such as parceling out of sweet persimmon trees, four-season sweet persimmon farming experience (five-sense experience), etc. Traditional plays can also be experiences in the Folk Village, such as 7m-high large sweet persimmon swing, neoltwigi (Korean see-saw jumping), traditional top, Tuho, etc. Persimmon Vinegar Farm is also a unique attraction where many pottery jars are arranged like the alignment of soldiers. Especially, unique and distinctive agricultural experience programs, such as supplejack rice cake, red chili pepper paste, and pickled radish slice making, by season are also drawing popularity among kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school students. Various performances are held on weekends on outdoor stage such as popular songs, Korean traditional music, busking, and magic.

Changwon Sweet Persimmon Festival was held here as well. This festival was more popular among familybased visitors such as Sweet Persimmon Cartoon Drawing Contest for elementary school students as well as sweet persimmon festival ‘GamGamSooWolLae’ and talent festival in which citizens participated. The Sweet Persimmon Festival is held at the end of October every year. Also, food sampling corner was also run for tourists visiting the festival place to taste sweet persimmon as well as vinegar and grain syrup made of sweet persimmon. The special sale event drew popularity by selling regional agricultural special goods and sweet persimmon at 20~30% cheaper prices.

Merchants laughed thanks to ‘Enjoying the increased demands during the Chrysanthemum Festival’

Closing of Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival

Regional commercial district a ‘huge success’ by relocating the venue

Eel, blowfish dish, steamed monkfish street ‘crowded by people’

Surpassed the target number 1.4 million tourists

Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival (here in after chrysanthemum festival) has contributed greatly to the revitalization of regional economy. The relocation of hosting place for the chrysanthemum festival was effective. While it was in the 1st dock of Masan Port last year, it was held in the landfill site of prevention hill in front of Masan Eel Street this year. Also, to activate the commercial district of the old downtown area near the festival place, chrysanthemum festival was made to be enjoyed around Changdong and Odongdong.

The chrysanthemum festival was held from October 25 to November 8, extended for 5 days from last year. Tourists made the memories of autumn by enjoying various works of a total of 9,600 pieces with 100,000 flowers of chrysanthemum in 10 themes.

This year, the festival drew popularity by holding programs for the first time that both men and women of all age groups can enjoy, such as the operation of ‘Chrysanthemum Train’ from the 2nd dock of Masan Port to the place of the Chrysanthemum Festival, ‘Soaring Changwon’s Yudeung Exhibition’ that presents splendid nightscape with Yudeung in a shape of dragon and wedding photo competition. Especially, the merchants of Masan Fishery Market right beside Eel Street and festival place enjoyed ‘Specially increased demand during the Chrysanthemum Festival’ for the first time in a long period thanks to the surge of customers. Street merchants said in a unanimous voice that “This chrysanthemum festival is a huge success. It was hard for us to trim eels because of too many customers, but we are very happy because our sales increased very much. Also, the merchants of Masan Fishery Market said “The number of customers increased sharply as if we could not slice raw fish properly because our arms hurt. It looks like there will be many tourists visiting Changwon even after the festival as the food street of Masan has been promoted very well.”

In addition, many tourists visited the Blowfish Dish Street and Steamed Monkfish Street near Masan Fishery Market, reviving the old downtown area commercial district. Also, ‘Light Street Landscape’ was turned on as well, attracting more tourists. A tourist who visited the festival place from Busan said in laugh: “I didn’t even realize the time was passing because I was too absorbed into the scent of chrysanthemum. I liked how chrysanthemum was in full bloom in every corner of streets and the light street was very impressive.” Another tourist complimented: “It was great because I could watch the chrysanthemum festival and tour the food street of Masan. It was a very fruitful trip because the people who planned the festival considered not only the merchants but also tourists’ routes. With such explosive responses of merchants and tourists, the city expects to make a greater achievement by more than 20~30% from last year which drew ‘1.37 million visitors and 38.9 billion Korean won of regional economic effects.’ The target number of attracting 1.4 million visitors was easily exceeded.

Run! City Tour Double-Decker!

New Tourism Specialty… Promotion of 2018 Visit Changwon Year

시티투어 2층버스

Mayor Ahn Sang-soo is trial-riding the City Tour double-decker with city council members.

시티투어 2층버스1

Changwon City Tour double-decker is rapidly emerging as a new tourism specialty. The city has recently adopted it to revitalize tourism before the ‘2018 Visit Changwon Year’. The city purchased 2 double-deckers of half open-top form and has been running it since September 22th. This bus consists of 17 seats on the 1st floor and 53 eats on the 2nd floor, so a total of 70 people can ride on it. Even people with disabilities can ride on it as the bus has a wheel chair lift.

The City Tour Bus departs from Changwon Center Station at 9:30am every day and drives to 8 major tourist sites 5 times a day in rotation: Yongji Lake Park ~ House of Changwon ~ City Seven ~ Masan Imagination Road ~ Masan Fishery Market ~ Machang Bridge ~ Jinhae Jehwangsan Park ~ Jinhaeru ~ Changwon Center Station (takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. The tour guide will be riding on the bus with tourists to explain the main tourist sites in an appealing way, and run a promotional video in 4 languages including Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese for both domestic Korean and overseas Korean tourists to look around the major tourist sites of Changwon. Since tourists can ride the city tour bus all day by only purchasing one-day pass ticket, they can get off the bus at each tourist site to look around with ease.

The bus ticket costs 5,000 KRW for adults and 3,000 KRW for adolescents, soldiers, handicapped people, people of national merit, and elders at age 65 or above. Inquiries can be made to the Facilities Management Corporation (055-712-0777).

‘Lure of Chrysanthemum Scent’ made by 105,000 Flowers

Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival to be held from October 25th to November 8th

In Masan Fishery Market Eel Street and Chang-dong/Odong-dong Area

Grand Spectacle of 1,520 Flowers in All Kinds of Masterpiece Variety to Win ‘Scent that Travels Heart’


Last Year’s Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival.

“Fall in love with the scent of Changwon Chrysanthemum” The 17th Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival, the largest domestic event of single kind, will be held from October 25th to November 8th in front of Masan Fishery Market Eel Street in Happo-gu, Masan and Changdong/ Odong-dong areas. This festival, which attracted 1.37 million people last year, was chosen as the promising festival of Gyeongnam Province this year. The opening ceremony will be held at 6:30pm on the 24th, and will present various events such as ‘Chrysanthemum Scent’ conert. At 8pm on November 3rd, the festival will reach its peak as a multimedia fireworks will redden the Masan Bay on the seawaters in front of Masan Fishery Market Eel Street. The night lighting of Machang Bridge will also create a wonderful atmosphere.

The festival will also operate Chrysanthemum Festival Promotion Hall, Chrysanthemum Industry Promotion Hall, and Regional Specialty Item Promotion Hall. Visitors can observe the traces of Chrysanthemum Festival and main programs at once, as well as the old looks of Chrysanthemum Farm and festival pictures. Masan is the place where the domestic commercial chrysanthemum cultivation started; there was only a small number of cultivation farmhouses in the 1960s, but the flower started to be exported to Japan from 1972 and it now takes up more than 10% of the cultivation areas of the entire nation.

Various functional items such as chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum alcohol, Chrysanthemum rice, etc. will also be exhibited and sold. Chrysanthemum soap and chrysanthemum candle holder making experience event will be offered as well. 300 potted plants of chrysanthemum and wild flowers also draw attention.

The ‘Chrysanthemum Scent Contest’ will present 9,500 pieces of artwork in 10 fields with 105,000 chrysanthemums. The landmark work of festival will express the ‘Greater Power of Changwon’ by creating an image of mega city Changwon that stretches toward the world and the hand of a citizen that supports it. By creating a chrysanthemum work themed with ‘Let’s Go to Changwon Metropolitan City’, the contest will incorporate the dearest wish of Changwon citizens who wants the city to become ‘Changwon Metropolitan City’.

Excellent Dating Spot, ‘Jinhae-ru Beach Park’

Popular for Couples’ Driving and Walking Course

Romantic Mood with Street Performances and Night Scenery

Cool autumn breeze and wide-open ocean view. A coastal road to enjoy soft whispers with lovers. A place to face each other with a cup of coffee while taking a little break. You can enjoy all of this when you go to Jinhae-ru Beach Park. Although there are many parks in the center of Changwon, Jinhae-ru Beach Park is the best. The beach park has an outdoor performance hall, trick art zone, and other cultural facilities around Jinhae-ru. It is 1 zone of Jinhae Port Road’among 35km of Jinhae Beach, which is a walking trail created along Jinhae Shoreline. It has a total of 7 zones stretching 30km long, and takes about 7 hours.

‘Jinhae Port Road’ is popular among tourists as it has Jinhae-ru of 1 section and peoplecan walk slowly while smelling the tideland. A road was also built along the shoreline of beautiful Sokcheon Port, so it is popular as a driving course for families and lovers. It is safe as bikeway and pedestrian road are divided, and people who are enjoying fishing here and there also create an interesting scene. As a naval city, there are also children playing in a playground that looks like the Turtle Ship.

A palace located inside the beach park, Jinhae-ru has an area of 477m2 and height of 15.2m and was built as an eight-angled roof of the Sampo style. It has the best view over Jinhae’s own beautiful scenery, and the night scenery is breathtaking as well. Landscape lighting was installed to create the beautiful landscape of Jinhae-ru. The night scenery harmonizing with the sea is a piece of stunning picture. Also, culture and art activities such as busking are often held in outdoor performances, so you can watch amazing performances if you go there on time. Jinhae-ru’s night scenery and awesome performances create a romantic atmosphere to move the hearts of lovers.

Beside Jinhae-ru stands the statue of Warrant Officer Juho Han who sacrificed his life to rescue the missing ones when Cheonan Ship was sinking. Warrant Officer Han died on the job while rescuing the missing people in Baengnyeongdo Island on the West Sea on March 30th, 2010. Then the navy had the unveiling ceremony of the statue to commemorate his 1-year anniversary of sacrifice on March 30th, 2011. The statue is 3.5m tall and created a figure of Warrant Officer Han aiming at the enemy with a rifle while riding a rubber boat, armed with the military spirit. Behind the statute, an epitaph commemorating Warrant Officer Han, troop mark of UDT and SEAL, and the spirits of sacrifice, honor, unity, and UDT are carved on the stone pagoda. The stone walls in the surrounding introduces the heroic duties of the deceased during his life.

There is a Trick Art Zone right beside the statute of Warrant Officer Han. A trick art uses optical illusions to express drawings and plane figures in three-dimensional, and maximizes the senses of onsite and 3D when pictures are taken with the work as background. It is much more fun to take pictures by participating directly and expressing oneself in various ways by having the work as the background, instead of seeing them in eyes. Then you can also see a white sailboat-shaped building while walking toward Jinhae Marine Leports Center, which is the Energy Exhibition Hall for Energy Environment Science Park.