2021 Changwon Street Festival

The “2021 Changwon Street Festival” was successfully held on November 13 (Saturday) and November 14 (Sunday), 2021. Under the theme “Plus on the street”, this festival turned out to be a significant merrymaking that was participated by many Changwon citizens.

The festival took place on the whole block between Changwon City Hall and Sungsan Art Hall. On this day, visitors could feel the street coming alive with exciting cultural performances, experience booths, and street vendors.

Of course, as a safety measure, all visitors were required to undergo a body temperature check and fill up a sign-in sheet. The QR code based digital sign-in system (KI-Pass System) was also in place.

The festival featured performances of different genres such as tango and fusion dances, busking music, youth-based performances, interactive children’s program, arts and craft, fashion, and hand-made snack foods.

A stage was put up at the end of block for the cultural shows to enliven the festival and entertain the visitors.

Children loved the experience booths featuring several fun and learning activities. Here, you can see kids playing the popular game “limbo dance”. It seemed easy for them to go under the horizontal bar.

Some kids were playing “Jenga”, a game of stacking blocks. Each player had to remove one giant block at a time from the tower and stack it on top, creating a progressively unstable structure. It got really exciting as the tower grew taller.

There was also a booth for making paper flowers. The flowers were then put on display on the photo zone.

Children freely expressed their creativity through chalk art. This was an activity enjoyed by all ages as pastel chalks could be considered as the perfect medium to draw a work of art. Chalks are very approachable and easy to use. You don’t necessarily need to have previous drawing experience. Just experiment and have fun!

What is exceptional about this annual festival is its focus on participatory artwork and informational booths that promote a fun way of learning about various topics such as recycling and protecting the environment. It also showcases Changwon’s local artists and handicraft makers.

“Changwon Street Festival” is always highly anticipated because it celebrates the transformation of an otherwise mundane street into a space of art and fun. It also brings hope and inspiration to Changwon citizens who are tired and weary of Covid 19. See you again next year!

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