Changwon city opened up its administrative policy ‘ Big Changwon by the new era of take-off’


  ‘Integrated Changwon city, the 2nd era’ has opened up on July 1st. Chanwon city held ‘inaugural ceremony of integrated Changwon city by the 2nd Ahn-Sangsoo mayor’ at the city hall at 9 a.m. on the 1st day of July and began officially its administrative policy, ‘new era of take-off, big Changwon’.
In the inaugural ceremony were 300 people for celebrating the event including the provincial and city council members, press representative in the province, director of provincial and city group, citizens, relatives, staff etc.
Beginning to speak of “passion for creating ‘new era of take-off, big Changwon’, strong will of ‘revival of ordinary people’s economy’, and being thrilled with endless love for his hometown, Changwon” and “he will rewrite history of Changwon city and achieve a new creation beyond integration”, the 2nd integrated Changwon mayor, Ahn-Sangsoo said.


    In particular, he repeatedly emphasized that “he will put whole experience of working for 16 years as the lawmaker with the attitude of service impartially, representative of an opposition and ruling party, representative of a ruling party, personal connections together and open a new day of Changwon in combination with the citizen who is the real owner, city council members, provincial members, lawmakers, governor and all public officials of Changwon city”, and expressed “he will make a foundation of the 2nd leap of Changwon city”.

  He continued to show ‘the principal directions of operating Changwon city policy in the 2nd term’. In connection with the operation of Changwon city, the city mayor, Ahn considered ▲‘establishment of financial integrity’ ▲‘exclusion of wasteful demonstrative administration’▲‘revitalization of civil economy’ ▲‘practice of personnel without partiality’ ▲‘establishment of right public official in cleanness and devotion’ as the pivotal tasks with priority and “always listened to the voices of citizen, basically embrace ‘city policy of generosity’, but will work with determination by ‘legalism’, he said.

  Changwon city decided △‘cleanness and devotion’ △‘revitalization of economy’ △‘balanced development of local areas’ △‘leading education and culture’ as ‘city policy’ with ‘the mayor, Ahn’s policy philosophy’ who wants to achieve ‘new era of leap, big Changwon’ which is dynamically changing and developing based on the stability by aggregating citizen’s aspiration and belief aiming at the bigger leaping-forward Changwon.

  The mayor, Ahn prayed for ‘the establishment of integrated Changwon city in the 2nd term’ and ‘peace of citizen’ by visiting Chunghontap(Memorial Tower) at 8 a.m. in the city before the inaugural ceremony, then, held the inaugural ceremony and had a commemorative planting longing for Changwon city’s development while taking pictures with managing officials by moving to city hall.

  In the meanwhile, ‘the 4th Changwon citizen’s day memorial ceremony’ was held from 10 a.m. on July 1st at the grand theatre of Sungsan Art Hall and proclaimed ‘the establishment of integrated Changwon city in the 2nd term’ by taking place ‘We are’ which is ‘the 4th Changwon citizen’s day memorial hope concert’ where Korean idols and popular singers including Girls’ Day amid the participation of 20,000 citizens in the Changwon Main Stadium.

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