The new generation of Nubija bikes were rolled out during the first week of April. A total of 800 of the fifth generation Nubija bikes are set to matriculate and replace old and damaged bikes within the system by the end of April. The 800 new bikes were a joint donation from the Lotte and Denso corporations, in exchange for prominent advertising on the new bikes’ rear wheel hubs.

누비자1 누비자2

The new Nubija bikes have several differentiating features from their fourth generation counterparts. Firstly, these new bikes were made by the Korean bike manufacturing company, Samchuly, and feature a Samchuly logo on the frame.

누비자3  Frame: The frame’s under-bar is a straight diagonal downward slope, as opposed to the curving shape of the previous’ generations frame. In addition, the “Nubija” emblem is less pronounced and more subtle than the previous models.

누비자4  Basket: The new bikes feature a wider and shallower basket.

Handlebars: Gear shifters and brakes have been updated, but not drastically changed. The bike bell however has been improved substantially and is much easier to ring than the last generation’s bell.

On-board Computer Console: The new on-board computer console has been simplified and only just displays the rider’s speed in large red numbers. In addition to this simpler design, the computer now features a caution light that blinks when the rider has exceed 20 KM/HR. In addition to the blinking red light, the console also makes a cautionary beeping sound when the rider is riding over 20 KM/HR. At a speed of 25 KM/HR and over, the console maintains a solid, even “beeeep” until the rider’s speed decreases to under 25 KM/HR.



This feature was added to warn nearby pedestrians, and to remind riders that they are riding too quickly and should reduce their speed. This also serves as a reminder to riders that riding public bikes at above-normal speeds places an unnecessary burden on the bikes by creating abnormal wear and tear.

All in all the new bikes ride fantastically. They’re brand new, have fresh components, and a superior design.  Now that spring has finally sprung it will be a perfect time to get on a new Nubija and better explore the beauty of Changwon’s many parks and streams.

/Posted by  Coby Zeifman, Changwon Blogger Repoter



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