Changwon takes a leap toward a global city by carrying out international communication project


Changwon is actively carrying out international communication project with international sister city and international organization this year. Changwon is also working toward an exchange of juvenile homestay to understand foreign culture better and broad experience internationally with international sister cities during summer·winter vacation

Last July, the exchange group from the city Jacksonville in USA, Himeji in Japan visited Changwon and the representative group from Maanshan in China came to Changwon in honor of 20th anniversary of sisterhood relationship.

Changwon made agreement with the group from Maanshan city of ‘collaborative development for coexistence’ extending communication in a variety of sectors in future in order to establish a closer relations amicably and had a joint exhibition of paintings and writings at Sungsan Art Hall with the works from both cities’ renowned artists. The joint exhibition gave a good opportunity of discovering the historical level and cultural difference between Korea and China.

Juvenile homestay exchange project between Changwon and international city of sisterhood is the event of taking place during vacation season annually and 10 students from the city, starting with family meeting ceremony of homestay in Changwon city hall, Himeji juvenile international exchange group spent a valuable time to be closer to neighboring country, Korea through homestay and cultural experience with Korean friends for 7 days.

During the homestay period, they will once again enjoy Korean culture and find the city is appealing through a various and useful experience arranged by the city, i.e. experience of writing Korean, making a traditional desert, touring Changwon Marine park, Changwon Science Center, Moonshin Art Museum along with Japanese friends.

Meantime, Changwon sent a staff by establishing an agreement of
delegation of government officials with the international city of sisterhood,
Jacksonville, USA and is making an effort of strengthening the capability of
staff by supporting with dispatch service to the overseas office of international
organizations, UCLG and UNESCO.


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