Sangsang Gil

Sangsang Gil is a street located in Changdong, Masan. It is 150 meters long and spans from Buljong Street to Burim Market. The name Sangsang Gil translates to “Imagination Road”, and true enough, walking on this road can spark your imagination.

Sangsang Gil is a project organized by Korea Tourism Organization in 2015 to attract foreigners and promote tourism in Korea. Four cities across the country vied for the opportunity to be the selected as the site of the project, and fortunately for us, Changwon city was chosen.

Korea Tourism Organization conducted a global online campaign called “Engrave Your Name in Korea” and about 300,000 people all over the world applied. 23,000 of them were selected and their names were engraved on the blocks that were installed on this road. It is hoped that these foreigners would come and visit Korea to see their names engraved on Sangsang Gil.

This road leads to several alleys in Changdong Art Village which houses several shops owned by traditional craftsmen and local artists. It is such a delight to walk along these trendy alleys.

Every twist and turn offer a surprise. You can find something colorful and Instagram worthy!

The atmosphere allows you to be whimsical and playful. You can definitely find a spot to take a fun picture with your friends.

Many shops selling interesting art pieces and handmade arts and crafts abound. There are ateliers where visitors can see craftsmen at work. One can take a class and learn to make something, such as calligraphy art or jewelry making.

Many small studios are nestled in the alleys, but bigger art galleries are located on the main street. This one has just recently opened.

It is always fun to visit Sangsang Gil. It certainly lives up to its name. Need a little spark of imagination? Why not visit the “Imagination Road” and let your curiosity ignite your creativity? Sangsang Gil awaits you.

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