‘SM Town’ will open in 2020

4 underground floors and 10 ground floors

Exhibitions, performance hall, and complex dining out space

Nurturing talented people in connection with K -POP

The building of Changwon SM Town has finally started. It will be established in 4 underground floors and 10 ground floors in the area of Pallyong-dong, Uichang-gu.

The underground floors will consist of parking lots and retail shops using star marketing, ground floors 1 ~ 3 will have a studio to experience the Korean Wave culture and a facility that sells celebrity-related products, 4 ~ 5th floors will have a hologram performance hall that can accommodate 800 seats, 6 ~ 7th floors will have convenient facilities, and 8 ~ 10th floors will have a hotel.

The hologram performance, the core content of Changwon SM Town, will allow people to enjoy famous K-POP performances like the actual performance with real-life sized holograms of artists and special effects. In the studio of Korean Wave culture experience, people can directly experience music recording, makeup, filming, and other cultures of K-POP stars. The retail shops using star marketing display and sell goods related to famous celebrities, and the convention facilities are used as a complex dining out space and exhibition/ performance hall of SM brand. Adopting a virtual reality technique, the hotel will be themed for people to feel and experience as if they are in the same space as the stars.

Through the talented person nurturing program in connection with the K –POP festival, Changwon SM Town will encourage regional youths to chase their dream of becoming a star and plans to adopt high-level culture experience items through convergence with 4th industry technology such as robots, AI (artificial intelligence), VR (Virtual reality), etc.

Changwon SM Town is an emphasis business carried out to generate new tourism demands based on K-POP. Therefore, if this business becomes successful, it will create a nonstop stay-type tourism line that will enable people to watch performances, experience Korean Wave culture, food and shopping, and accommodations in one place.

It is expected that Changwon will make a great leap to becoming a mecca of Korean Wave that captivates the hearts of people from all over the world by integrating the world’s top class K -POP performance culture and advanced ICT technology, as well as perform roles as a great healing space for citizens. There will also be huge economic effects. When Changwon SM Town opens in 2020, it is expected to generate an economic effect of 560 billion Korean won, create jobs for 34000 people, and attract more than 300,000 tourists a year to Changwon.

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