Established a ‘Brother Relationship’ with a Provincial Government of Cambodia


Friendly city cooperation with Preah Sihanouk Province.

Exchange and cooperation on economy, tourism, and physical education.

The city has entered a ‘brother relationship’ with Preah Sihanouk Provincein Cambodia. Mayor An Sang-soo has recently entered a friendly international cooperation city agreement with Governor Yun min of Sihanoukin Pullman Hotel in Changwon.

Preah Sihanouk Province is one of the 24 provincial governments of Cambodia. It is a metropolitan local government newly drawing attention as a strategic hub of the business and tourism industry of Cambodia. Based on the customs of international society where metropolises and primary local governments enter a friendly cooperation city agreement only with the same level, this agreement between Sihanouk, one of the provincial governments in Cambodia, and Changwon, a primary local government in South Korea, can be said to be unprecedented. This clearly shows the higher status of Changwon at a metropolitan level after the integration of 3 cities.

From now on, the two cities will start from economy and marine tourism fields and expand their exchange andcooperation into various areas such as culture, art, youths, physical education, etc.

Changwon has been deeply interested in having a friendly exchange with a Southeast Asian nation that is recently drawing attention as an emerging market based on its high economic growth rate. Then, the Minister of Culture and Art of Cambodia, the principal guest nation of MAMF last year, proposed having a friendly exchange with Changwon when he visited the city. This agreement was finally achieved when the delegates of Changwon who were invited to Sihanouk in December last year suggested Governor Yun min to visit Changwon, during the delegates’ visit to the provincial government building.

That Sihanouk has many things in common with Changwon also played a huge role in entering the agreement. Known as the best vacation site of Cambodia, Sihanouk is a coastal area with a 175km-long seashore. It has the nation’s only marine port facility, and is designated as one of Cambodia’s top 3 economic development zones. Also, based on rich marine resources, it is rapidly emerging as a strategic tourism and economic centers of Cambodia lately.


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