Autumnal Equinox

Autumnal equinox, also known as September equinox or fall equinox, is the point after which the nights become longer than the days. In the Northern hemisphere, it arrived on Wednesday, September 22nd, but here in Korea, it fell on September 23rd. It was the day after Chuseok celebrations this year, officially kicking off the season of fall.

The leaves on the trees are noticeably starting to change their color from bright green to pale yellow.

The word “equinox” comes from the Latin word “aequus” meaning “equal” and “nox” meaning night. On the equinox, day and night are roughly equal in length. In Korea that day, the sunrise was at 06:20, and the sunset was at 18:27, making the day length 12 hours and 7 minutes.

As people head back to their normal lives after the Korean Thanksgiving, one can’t help but feel anxious about going back to work. No doubt about it, coming back to the office after an extended time off can be a struggle. After days of feasting and forgetting about work, reality returns and you are not ready.  

Also, the longer nights and chilly weather may make one feel a bit melancholy. But don’t let it stop you from enjoying the beauty that the mid-autumn season has to offer. A simple walk around a nearby park or even along the streets of Changwon can bring you pleasant surprises.

Located right by the east gate of Changwon University is a huge field of cosmos flowers. The cosmos flowers are representative of fall season. They usually fully bloom in September to October.

Cosmos flowers are widely known as the easiest flower to grow as they can be planted just about anywhere. There are more than 20 known species of the cosmos flower, and they come in a variety of colors – yellow, white, pink, and orange. They are believed to symbolize order and harmony due to the flower’s harmonious petals.

The duck pond inside Changwon University campus houses a few ducks and other waterfowls that visit from time to time. It offers a habitat for other birds as well who use the water to bathe in and drink.

The pond is now covered with water lilies which enhances its quiet beauty. If you are lucky, you may see a koi fish peeking through the water lilies.

The pond is surrounded by lush greenery. It is a lovely place for a walk and spending a few hours in open air.

The long summer nights are over, and we are now in the season of harvest. The autumnal equinox represents a spiritual meaning of beauty becoming. Let this season slow you down and lead you to what you need. Reconnect with nature and bask in its abundance!

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