Paryongsan Stone Pagodas in Masan

The Parysongsan Stone Pagodas are located in Masan.


Parysongsan (lit, “Eight Dragons Mountain”) is a 328-meter mountain located in Yangdeok-dong of Masan spreading towards Bongam-dong. The name of the mountain originated with the legend that eight dragons came down from heaven to the mountain.


The mountain was originally called Ballyongsan (“Earthbound Dragon Mountain”), but its current name has gradually gained favor since the liberation of Korea in 1945.


The construction of Paryongsan Stone Pagodas was begun on March 23, 1993 by Yi Sam-yong, a resident of Yangdeok-dong, who was moved by pity by the tragic situation of families divided by the Korean War. Since then, he has continued to build stone pagodas to soothe the grief of divided families, praying for family reunions and Korean reunification. His ultimate aim is to build 1,000 pagodas.


The story behind the stone pagodas has received extensive media coverage, turning them into a major tourist attraction in the area. Their location has now been designated as one of the Nine Scenic Views of Masan.

/Posted by Coby Zeifman, Changwon Reporter Blogger


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