The Masan Chrysanthemum Festival

The Masan Chrysanthemum Festival closed out November 3rd, ending its two-week run along Masan Bay.


There were  vendor booths, stages for performances and festival foods including glistening pork spinning over fires, fried spiral potato sticks, chicken skewers and for the adventurous, cups of steam silkworm pupae called, beondegi.


The festival featured a variety of impressive chrysanthemum sculptures, fields, and flower collages spelling words and forming giant pictures. The highlight of the festival was two 20 ft tall chrysanthemum sculptures of tigers facing one another in attacking poses.


In addition to the wide array of beautiful golden, white, pink and orange chrysanthemums on display outside, there were two large tents where festival-goers could shop for homemade crafts and observe traditional stone art and impressively groomed Bonsai trees on display by local artists and trimmers.

I was most impressed by how the roots of the Bonsai trees trickled down over these angular stones, gathering moss in their effort to thirstily suck up water from the potted soil.


Lastly the festival featured a tunneled trestle where hundreds of ripened gourds and squash hung. Many of these squash where longer and wider than human arms and more closely resembled baseball bats than vegetables.


As the festival closed, Changwon citizens exited the festival gates, happy to have seen some bright flowers on a cool autumn day, right in their own backyard.

/Posted by Coby Zeifman, Changwon Repoter Blogger



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