Changwon takes a leap toward a global city by carrying out international communication project


Changwon is actively carrying out international communication project with international sister city and international organization this year. Changwon is also working toward an exchange of juvenile homestay to understand foreign culture better and broad experience internationally with international sister cities during summer·winter vacation

Last July, the exchange group from the city Jacksonville in USA, Himeji in Japan visited Changwon and the representative group from Maanshan in China came to Changwon in honor of 20th anniversary of sisterhood relationship.

Changwon made agreement with the group from Maanshan city of ‘collaborative development for coexistence’ extending communication in a variety of sectors in future in order to establish a closer relations amicably and had a joint exhibition of paintings and writings at Sungsan Art Hall with the works from both cities’ renowned artists. The joint exhibition gave a good opportunity of discovering the historical level and cultural difference between Korea and China.

Juvenile homestay exchange project between Changwon and international city of sisterhood is the event of taking place during vacation season annually and 10 students from the city, starting with family meeting ceremony of homestay in Changwon city hall, Himeji juvenile international exchange group spent a valuable time to be closer to neighboring country, Korea through homestay and cultural experience with Korean friends for 7 days.

During the homestay period, they will once again enjoy Korean culture and find the city is appealing through a various and useful experience arranged by the city, i.e. experience of writing Korean, making a traditional desert, touring Changwon Marine park, Changwon Science Center, Moonshin Art Museum along with Japanese friends.

Meantime, Changwon sent a staff by establishing an agreement of
delegation of government officials with the international city of sisterhood,
Jacksonville, USA and is making an effort of strengthening the capability of
staff by supporting with dispatch service to the overseas office of international
organizations, UCLG and UNESCO.

Changwon city opened up its administrative policy ‘ Big Changwon by the new era of take-off’


  ‘Integrated Changwon city, the 2nd era’ has opened up on July 1st. Chanwon city held ‘inaugural ceremony of integrated Changwon city by the 2nd Ahn-Sangsoo mayor’ at the city hall at 9 a.m. on the 1st day of July and began officially its administrative policy, ‘new era of take-off, big Changwon’.
In the inaugural ceremony were 300 people for celebrating the event including the provincial and city council members, press representative in the province, director of provincial and city group, citizens, relatives, staff etc.
Beginning to speak of “passion for creating ‘new era of take-off, big Changwon’, strong will of ‘revival of ordinary people’s economy’, and being thrilled with endless love for his hometown, Changwon” and “he will rewrite history of Changwon city and achieve a new creation beyond integration”, the 2nd integrated Changwon mayor, Ahn-Sangsoo said.


    In particular, he repeatedly emphasized that “he will put whole experience of working for 16 years as the lawmaker with the attitude of service impartially, representative of an opposition and ruling party, representative of a ruling party, personal connections together and open a new day of Changwon in combination with the citizen who is the real owner, city council members, provincial members, lawmakers, governor and all public officials of Changwon city”, and expressed “he will make a foundation of the 2nd leap of Changwon city”.

  He continued to show ‘the principal directions of operating Changwon city policy in the 2nd term’. In connection with the operation of Changwon city, the city mayor, Ahn considered ▲‘establishment of financial integrity’ ▲‘exclusion of wasteful demonstrative administration’▲‘revitalization of civil economy’ ▲‘practice of personnel without partiality’ ▲‘establishment of right public official in cleanness and devotion’ as the pivotal tasks with priority and “always listened to the voices of citizen, basically embrace ‘city policy of generosity’, but will work with determination by ‘legalism’, he said.

  Changwon city decided △‘cleanness and devotion’ △‘revitalization of economy’ △‘balanced development of local areas’ △‘leading education and culture’ as ‘city policy’ with ‘the mayor, Ahn’s policy philosophy’ who wants to achieve ‘new era of leap, big Changwon’ which is dynamically changing and developing based on the stability by aggregating citizen’s aspiration and belief aiming at the bigger leaping-forward Changwon.

  The mayor, Ahn prayed for ‘the establishment of integrated Changwon city in the 2nd term’ and ‘peace of citizen’ by visiting Chunghontap(Memorial Tower) at 8 a.m. in the city before the inaugural ceremony, then, held the inaugural ceremony and had a commemorative planting longing for Changwon city’s development while taking pictures with managing officials by moving to city hall.

  In the meanwhile, ‘the 4th Changwon citizen’s day memorial ceremony’ was held from 10 a.m. on July 1st at the grand theatre of Sungsan Art Hall and proclaimed ‘the establishment of integrated Changwon city in the 2nd term’ by taking place ‘We are’ which is ‘the 4th Changwon citizen’s day memorial hope concert’ where Korean idols and popular singers including Girls’ Day amid the participation of 20,000 citizens in the Changwon Main Stadium.

The Next Generation of Nubija Bikes Have Hit the Streets

The new generation of Nubija bikes were rolled out during the first week of April. A total of 800 of the fifth generation Nubija bikes are set to matriculate and replace old and damaged bikes within the system by the end of April. The 800 new bikes were a joint donation from the Lotte and Denso corporations, in exchange for prominent advertising on the new bikes’ rear wheel hubs.

누비자1 누비자2

The new Nubija bikes have several differentiating features from their fourth generation counterparts. Firstly, these new bikes were made by the Korean bike manufacturing company, Samchuly, and feature a Samchuly logo on the frame.

누비자3  Frame: The frame’s under-bar is a straight diagonal downward slope, as opposed to the curving shape of the previous’ generations frame. In addition, the “Nubija” emblem is less pronounced and more subtle than the previous models.

누비자4  Basket: The new bikes feature a wider and shallower basket.

Handlebars: Gear shifters and brakes have been updated, but not drastically changed. The bike bell however has been improved substantially and is much easier to ring than the last generation’s bell.

On-board Computer Console: The new on-board computer console has been simplified and only just displays the rider’s speed in large red numbers. In addition to this simpler design, the computer now features a caution light that blinks when the rider has exceed 20 KM/HR. In addition to the blinking red light, the console also makes a cautionary beeping sound when the rider is riding over 20 KM/HR. At a speed of 25 KM/HR and over, the console maintains a solid, even “beeeep” until the rider’s speed decreases to under 25 KM/HR.



This feature was added to warn nearby pedestrians, and to remind riders that they are riding too quickly and should reduce their speed. This also serves as a reminder to riders that riding public bikes at above-normal speeds places an unnecessary burden on the bikes by creating abnormal wear and tear.

All in all the new bikes ride fantastically. They’re brand new, have fresh components, and a superior design.  Now that spring has finally sprung it will be a perfect time to get on a new Nubija and better explore the beauty of Changwon’s many parks and streams.

/Posted by  Coby Zeifman, Changwon Blogger Repoter



Opening of cherry blossom festival ‘the 52nd Jinhae Gunhang(naval port) Festival

 The 52nd Jinhae Gunhang festival which is a world-class cherry blossom festival begins on April 1st. Gunhang festival will be running opening event, commemoration event, military music honor guard festival, artistic event, special event beginning with eve, with the slogan, ‘enjoying 360,000 cherry blossom tree, sharing Spring feast’, with the theme of ‘Flower – Luminary – Hope’ around Jinhae-gu, like Joongwon rotary.

In March of lunar month, Jinhae Gunhang festival takes place, it attracts springtime picnickers to naval port city embracing the quiet sea. Jinhae Gunhang festival includes the event of commemorating the spirit of general Lee-Sunsin and main events, e.g. eve, scenery and customs market of 8 provinces, artistic culture performance at Joongwon rotary as the theme event of cherry blossom tourist attractions and the event of offering fl ower to the statue of admiral Lee-sunsin, commemoration ceremony, victory marching
parade at Bookwon rotary.

여좌천 로망스 다리

In addition, military music honor guard festival, which is characterized as naval port city, takes place on Friday and over the weekend and is the military art performance with the fusion of military music and honor guard showing the viewers powerful marching and honor guard in a wonderful uniform that you can see only at Jinhae Gunhang cherry blossom festival.

You can visit to Naval academy and Jinhae Admiralty port which are not usually accessible and have a various experience of museum of naval academy, watching a turtle ship, naval vessel, photo exhibition, wearing a naval uniform, boarding on a yacht cruise etc and fully enjoy a great cherry blossom at the age of over 100 years old with the aspect of Korean naval base


The cherry blossom attractions are Naesumyun ecology park, Yeojwacheon,  Gyeonghwayeok,  Jinhaetap, Jinhaeru etc. When you take jehwangsan monorail and overlook the city from Jinhaetap rooftop, the area spreads to the east and west, with the mountain like a folding screen upward, quiet sea downward lying around. Around Palgeori of Joongwon rotary, there are 100-year-old buildings and 360,000 cherry blossom trees together being coexistent with past and present and you can enjoy the nice and peaceful city at a glance.

In Jinhae-gu are three rotaries, Joongwon, Bookwon, Namwon, at the city center and there are eight driveways starting with each rotary.

Each alley at Joongwon rotary is dotted with the relics of modern culture, e.g. over 100-year-old buildings such as Jinhae post offi ce, Sunhak beef bone soup, Heugbaeg coffee shop, Ppojokjip. Gunhang village history hall, which you are going to visit as a time travel of Joongwon rotary palgeori alley, is the place for viewing pictures of naval port development started since 1902 and old city scenery and hearing a storytelling directly to make you feel
fascinated by another facet of Jinhae of cherry blossom.경화역111

Jinhae Gunhang festival came from the commemoration ceremony held annually with the statue of admiral Lee-Sunsin the fi rst time ever on April 13th, 1952 in Korea and there was a simply ceremony held initially at Bookwon rotary where the statue of admiral Lee-Sunsin is located, however, it grew into the festival of cultural art to promote a local culture art based on the patriotic and loyal spirit of Lee-Sunsin since 1963, further, has been  developed into the event of enjoying a cherry blossom through 1980 to 1990 having its 52nd anniversary this year.

Jinhae Gunhang festival has been developed annually into the world class cherry blossom festival with over 3 million tourists in and outside of the country and Changwon city will continue to make every effort to fulfi ll the worldwide celebrative event where more tourists are happy to visit in the coming years ahead.

52회 군항제 포스터최종

Spring Cleaning

For most foreigners living in Changwon, less is more. That is to say, that owning less stuff is better. This is because eventually when we move back to our home countries, it’s less stuff we need to move, throw away or sell. Most of us live in crowded studio apartments, where stuff can exponential grow causing clutter and overall headache. Simply put, stuff can be a hassle.

That being said, it is now springtime, meaning that it’s time for spring cleaning! Thankfully across Changwon there are three Beautiful Store thrift store locations. Beautiful Store is a thrift store where customers can buy second-hand clothes, kitchenware, small appliances, books and sports equipment at a reduced price


Each Beautiful Store also offers convenient donation drop-off bins that allow people the ability to conveniently donate their unwanted items.


There are Beautiful Store locations in Junagang-dong, Palyongdong and Bonggok-dong


So if you feel like clutter is taking over your apartment, do some good in your community and head over to a Beautiful Store donation drop-off bin to bring peace to your home.

/Posted by Coby Zeifman, Changwon Reporter Blogger

New Year’s Hike on Muhaksan (Mt. Muhak)

January 1st marks the beginning of a new year, and many Korean families partake in the traditional custom of hiking to the top of a mountain before sunrise, so they can watch the very first sunrise of the new year from the mountain’s peak.


Some other foreigner friends and I set out to bring in the new year in this traditional Korean fashion by climbing Changwon’s 2nd tallest mountain Muhaksan (Mt. Muhak: 761.4 m). We however, lacked the gusto for a pre-sunrise hike and began our trek in the early afternoon.


It was a beautiful early winter’s day in Changwon, with slightly frigid air, a shining sun and clear blue skies. We hiked for five hours from the base of mountain to its windy peak. We hiked through temperate forest and over granite boulders. Once at the summit, we quickly took some photos before retiring to stop and eat our snack of gimbap and cookies.


On our way down he hiked down Muhaksan’s ridge directly into Masan’s Changdong neighborhood, all the while looking over Masan and the sunset lowering over Masan’s Bay, aptly nicknamed “Dream Bay.” In the twilight, hotel and restaurant signs brightened, and office and apartment windows one by one started to illuminate the Masan skyline as we watched from above, overseeing the first day of 2014 peacefully draw to a

/Posted by Coby Zeifman, Changwon Reporter Blogger



CAFÉ HAU is a great coffee shop with a purpose here in Changwon.

CAFÉ HAU is a great coffee shop with a purpose here in Changwon. I sat down with Cecile Hwang and Gyunghee Moon to ask some questions about this unique place.

Café Hau is a great place for coffee. What is your history?

After meeting Seoul City Mayor Park Won-Soon at a lecture about social enterprises and grassroots organizations in April of 2011, Prof. Moon Gyunghee (Dept. of International Relations, Changwon National University) was inspired to work on a project. Four other members joined –Hye Yeon, Tae Hyeon, Sujin (Changwon University graduates) and Cecile Hwang (English instructor) and the Hau project was born.

The word “Hau” means “a good gift” in Vietnamese and “the spirit of giving” in Maori language, and its meaning is significant to what the group wants to do—that is to share a good space with good food/coffee with the local community and give back something to society. Hau submitted a business proposal to Gyeongnam Social Enterprise Support Center and was chosen as one of the teams for “Young Social Entrepreneurs Business Development” Program by the Gyeongnam Provincial Government in June of 2011. In March of 2012, Café Hau coffee shop in Yongho-dong was opened. In June of the same year, Hau Social Enterprise Incorporated was established, and in December, Hau received a “Special Award in Communication” from the Office of Minister of Special Affairs for promoting communications among multicultural families. In March 2013, Café Hau celebrated its first year anniversary, and is still going strong.

hau1   What would you say is the café’s specialty?

Café Hau’s specialty is hand-drippred coffee. We don’t use espresso machines. We brew our coffee from Kalita pots only. We have three varieties of Arabica coffee: Mexican Chiapas, Kopakabi from Rwanda, and Pangkhorn from Thailand. We only serve Fair Trade coffee, and our coffee beans are roasted by a local roaster regularly, which guarantees freshness in every cup. At Café Hau, we use organic and fair trade products only. We also have vegan cookies, organic cheese cakes, chocolates, and a variety of locally produced teas and fruit juices.


Café Hau is more than just a coffee shop. What makes it special?

What makes us special is the fact that we are the only social enterprise coffee shop in Changwon, serving fresh roasted, fresh ground, high quality coffee at all times. We have friendly staff and excellent baristas, and we provide a space that encourages communication, social interaction, and creation. We also do our best to integrate with the local community by supporting local events and activities by different organizations. We also have special classes such as the recently concluded “Barista Class” for the “Association of the Disabled”. We also hold special events at the coffee shop, such as flea markets and single’s parties. Recently, we have started a fund-raising campaign for the flood victims of the super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. We also do catering services. Café Hau definitely does more than serve coffee.

hau3  What kind of staff do you have? Do people volunteer?

Café Hau is lucky to have a staff composed of hardworking, dedicated, and socially-conscious people. As of now, we have a total of 10 staff members—2 managers, 1 baker, 3 baristas, 1 accountant, and 3 part-timers (2 Changwon University students and 1 foreign spouse from Kyrgyztan). We also have Prof. Moon Gyunghee and Cecile Hwang as advisors. Sometimes, we get help from friends who come to help us and volunteer their time whenever necessary. We are very thankful for that, really.

I noticed that you have a great room in the back. What do you use that for?

Café Hau is proud to have a seminar room, a space we designed for anyone who needs to use it, provided that they order drinks. The room is available for use after making a reservation. It has a beam projector, a screen, speakers, and a seating capacity of up to 30 people. This room is very popular among our clients. We have people who use it on a regular basis, like ukulele club, English club, local theater group, and other study groups.


The artwork seems to always be different, do you have local artists do work for you?

In support of local artists and photographers, we put their art work and photos on display in the coffee shop. Some of our art pieces and pictures are donated by friends and supporters. We encourage and welcome people to display their art work at the coffee shop. We’ve had sculptures, paintings, and even hand-painted fabric and Hanbok on display before. People can put up posters or announcements and sell tickets for their events at the coffee shop. Café Hau is an open space for people, and we welcome those who need a space to advertise their events.


//Posted by Heather Henrichs, Changwon Reporter Blogger