First of all, I have been closely observing local public organizations prior to working as a freelance reporter for the Changwon Special City in 2023, so it was not difficult to select the Jinhae Women Center, a hidden gem to the local Jinhae, as my first coverage.

With very cooperative staff from Jinhae Women Center, I was able to acquire more detailed information. In-depth coverage of the most curious things with the point of view of local residents this interview is more than an exciting New Year’s first work.

Opened in 2006, Jinhae Women Center is not only close to Jinhae Jungang Market and has good accessibility, but also has a variety of facilities including lecture rooms, kitchens, lounges, child care offices, auditoriums, women group meeting room, computer training rooms, multicultural family rooms, and dressmaking rooms.

On the bulletin board on the wall, various materials are tightly displayed to convey information, as well as affluent programs. Among them, looking into the programs that have been in progress since January 2023, there are six new courses in addition to the existing ones.
New Course –
Informatization course – smartphone utilization, ITQ course
Cultural course – brush pen & watercolor calligraphy class, harmonica, zero-waste craft license course
Language course – travel Japanese (beginner)

When it comes to women center, first of all, they were established to promote the warm emotional development of families, including women, and to improve social and economic capabilities and promote welfare. In other words, since it is also an organization for the well-being and happiness of the family, it is not only an organization open only to women, but it is also open to male and female adults as men are also part of the family.

Major programs include technical education for women’s ability development, liberal arts program, entrepreneurship course, job training, counseling, social activities and volunteer activities of women’s groups, and multicultural family support projects. I think this is an open, versatile welfare organization. Although the program is conducted in Korean, there are no borders when it comes to the passion for learning.

Jinhae Women Center also operates multicultural programs and focuses on it this year as well. In particular, since it is run by public organization so more transparent operation is expected.

In addition to the existing programs, Jinhae Women Center is busy conducting demand surveys to open new programs for students as the New Year has drawn. The goal is to increase the number of students by 20-30% every quarter as it is a fresh and proactive start.

The multicultural family project contributes to the stable settlement of life in Korea by raising the understanding of culture and environment for families composed of multicultural backgrounds. This year, as well as Korean language education by level and social integration education, the program has lots of classes such as the Korean proficiency test, topic preparation class, nationality acquisition preparation class, driver’s license writing test preparation class, and self-help group. Detailed schedules will be announced later through the website, blog, and Korean Social Network Naver ‘Band’. If there are foreign families around you, wouldn’t it be useful information for the new year to introduce them with interest?
When registering for the first time, the spouse’s signature is required, so as an expression of warm interest, visit there with hand in hand with your spouse.

The 2023 multicultural family project plan is said to encourage the creation of a place for active exchange by planning special lectures and self-help meetings on a monthly basis, starting with the start of classes in March.

Korea’s advanced welfare policies have been getting attention in massive Korean integrated citizen support programs for immigrants and ordinary people. If you are looking for a self-development program, and are considering employment or entrepreneurship activities, how about knocking on the door of the Jinhae Women Center?


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