Changwon International Chamber Music Festival 2022
The 6th Changwon International Chamber Music Festival (CHAMF) was held from November 1 (Tuesday) to November 6 (Sunday) at Seongsan Art Hall Small Theater. The shows were held at 7:30 pm on weekdays and at 5:00 pm on weekends.

This music festival, organized by the Changwon Cultural Foundation, is held every year to promote chamber music among Changwon citizens. Chamber music can be considered difficult to approach since it is a high level of art among the genres of classical music. Through this festival, Changwon citizens can have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful musical experience.

This year’s official slogan was “We are all CHAMFion”, and staying true to its word, the festival featured a lineup of champion-level musicians and performers from Korea and abroad.

For the opening performance on the first day (Nov. 1), the performers were string ensemble Joy of Strings, violinist Sung-Ju Lee, and Israeli pianist Aviram Reichert. Flute, cello, and piano trio Trio Leporem and London-based piano, violin, and cello trio Derazey Trio graced the CHAMF Special 1 stage on the second day (Nov. 2). The CHAMF Special 2 on the third day featured string quartet Quartet 21 and pianist Julius Jeongwon Kim. On the fourth day (Nov. 4), the performers were string quartet Charmant Quartet, violinist Sangjin Kim, violinist Danny Koo, and Gyeongnam-based Archi Chamber Orchestra for the CHAMF Special 3. The CHAMF Special 4 showcased the talents of clarinet, cello, and piano trio Lumennis Trio from Portugal and violin ensemble G.rium Ensemble. The closing performance on the last day featured Seoul Virtuosi, Chinese-American violinist Qian Zhou, and cellist Kangho Lee.

Under the theme “Love and Longing”, the performances provided an opportunity to sublimate the emotions of “love” and “longing” into memories through experiencing chamber music.

Top musicians from Korea and various countries wowed the audience with their musical rendition of beloved 17th century and contemporary classical music. The concert on Saturday was filled with eager classical music lovers.

After the concert, some fans waited to take selfies and get autographs of their favorite musical artists.

The performers were more than happy to oblige! They stayed and chatted with some of the people who waited.

Chamber music concerts are one of the more intimate ways to experience music. With just a few musicians, chamber music allows the listeners to really focus in and feel what the music is trying to convey.

By presenting world-class classical musicians from the country and from around the world through this annual international chamber music festival, Changwon Cultural Foundation hopes to bring happiness to Changwon citizens and enrich their lives with the power of music.


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