The 2nd Changwon Animal Protection Culture Festival was held from October 15 (Saturday) to October 16 (Sunday) at Yongji Cultural Park in Seongsan-gu.

This event was organized by Changwon city with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, Agricultural, Fishery, and Food Education and Culture Information Center, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, and Changwon Veterinary Association.

The opening ceremony was attended by dignitaries including Changwon city’s 1st Deputy Mayor Gyeong-won Ahn. In his opening address, he talked about the local government’s efforts to improve animal welfare in the city.

On the first day of the festival, the main event featured a talk concert by well-known animal expert Prof. Chan-jong Lee. This was followed by a special performance by Changwon City Boys and Girls Choir and other celebratory performances by singers and musicians.

On the second day, Dr. Myung-chul Kim, a veterinarian and cat expert, and Prof. Woong-jong Lee, an animal behavior correction expert graced the event. All the invited guest speakers shared their expertise on how to better understand our companion animals.

There were several booths that offered different services for the visitors and their pets such as free health check-up, pet grooming, pet photography, and caricature.

Pet owners had a chance to participate in experience booths. They could make cat toys, identification tags, leash, soap, pet deodorizers, and more. There were also booths for public campaigns for pet adoption and stray cat protection, and this provided a great opportunity to educate the public about animal welfare and protection.

Of course, a festival would be no fun without a flea market. Vendors were selling an assortment of items such as clothes, accessories, toys, pet accessories, pet snacks, pet toys, beverages, and agricultural products.

The festival was filled with entertainment, stalls, expert advice, and fun activities for pets and pet owners alike. The agility contests and dog games were well-received by the participants.

Families who came with kids could enjoy a fishing game. It was a perfect fall weather that weekend and a great time to be outdoors.

Changwon strives to become an animal-friendly city where people and animals can peacefully co-exist. It is hoped that by promoting festivals like this one, citizens their love for animals and respect for life.


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