Pyeongsan Park

Located right in front of Sahwa Elementary School in Palyong-dong is this small but cozy neighborhood park called Pyeongsan Park (Pyeongsan Gong-weon).

Changwon city takes pride in having a lot of green spaces, and if you happen to be in this neighborhood in Palyong-dong, you wouldn’t want to miss a nice quick little stroll in this park.

Although smaller in size compared to other parks in the city, this park is loaded with features. The elastic pavement that goes around the park is ideal for jogging or taking a walk. It is also safe for kids to run on.

This park is equipped with a foot massage walking path. Walking around this reflexology path barefoot guarantees relief. Applied pressure to points on the soles of your feet has beneficial effects on your internal organs and general health.

The enormous pine trees provide shade and wind breaks. The dense foliage and huge branches give cover for birds and small wildlife such as squirrels and chipmunks.

The soothing sounds of wind through the pine branches and the aromatic fragrance of the pine needles are everything you need for a stress relief. Pine scent is known to alleviate stress and decrease anxiety.

A 15-minute forest stroll while inhaling the scent of the trees is sure to bring you a great feeling of relaxation.

On top of the park, there are outdoor exercise facilities available for free use. With all the gyms closed down due to the pandemic, many people head outdoors to nearby parks such as this one to make use of the public exercise equipment installed by the local government.

Wooden benches are scattered around to let you rest and enjoy the wonderful green space. There are gazebos and pavilions, too.

What is interesting about this park is the presence of tombs which make you think if people are actually buried down there.

This is a very well-maintained park. Even the public restroom looks amazing! It reminds you of a quaint country cottage, or a cute log cabin in the woods.

Feeling tired or anxious? Why don’t you head down to Pyeongsan Park and take in the atmosphere of the forest! Take a therapeutic walk to ease you stress!

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