Make sweet memories like sweet persimmon

Sweet Persimmon Theme Park is visited by 10,000 people a month after it opened in June last year

Became the region’s major tourist site…. Hosts Sweet Persimmon Festival every year

Changwon is Korea’s first cultivation field and the large production region of sweet persimmon. 40,000 tons of sweet persimmons are produced a year from an area of over 2,000ha. Changwon maintains an annual average temperature of 15and precipitation of 1,300mm, which are favorable conditions and soil for cultivating sweet persimmon. Sweet persimmon is very sweet and crispy, so it has the highest popularity throughout the country and is also being recognized for its excellent quality as it is exported abroad such as Southeast Asia and Canada. To widely spread the historical value of cultivation site and excellence of sweet persimmon, Sweet Persimmon Theme Park was created in June last year at an area of 49,000m2 in Hwayang-ri, Dong-eup. It has become a famous tourist site visited by 10,000 people a month for average.

Sweet Persimmon Theme Park has a promotional hall, experience facility, sweet persimmon orchard, etc. It runs various programs such as parceling out of sweet persimmon trees, four-season sweet persimmon farming experience (five-sense experience), etc. Traditional plays can also be experiences in the Folk Village, such as 7m-high large sweet persimmon swing, neoltwigi (Korean see-saw jumping), traditional top, Tuho, etc. Persimmon Vinegar Farm is also a unique attraction where many pottery jars are arranged like the alignment of soldiers. Especially, unique and distinctive agricultural experience programs, such as supplejack rice cake, red chili pepper paste, and pickled radish slice making, by season are also drawing popularity among kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school students. Various performances are held on weekends on outdoor stage such as popular songs, Korean traditional music, busking, and magic.

Changwon Sweet Persimmon Festival was held here as well. This festival was more popular among familybased visitors such as Sweet Persimmon Cartoon Drawing Contest for elementary school students as well as sweet persimmon festival ‘GamGamSooWolLae’ and talent festival in which citizens participated. The Sweet Persimmon Festival is held at the end of October every year. Also, food sampling corner was also run for tourists visiting the festival place to taste sweet persimmon as well as vinegar and grain syrup made of sweet persimmon. The special sale event drew popularity by selling regional agricultural special goods and sweet persimmon at 20~30% cheaper prices.


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