Merchants laughed thanks to ‘Enjoying the increased demands during the Chrysanthemum Festival’

Closing of Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival

Regional commercial district a ‘huge success’ by relocating the venue

Eel, blowfish dish, steamed monkfish street ‘crowded by people’

Surpassed the target number 1.4 million tourists

Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival (here in after chrysanthemum festival) has contributed greatly to the revitalization of regional economy. The relocation of hosting place for the chrysanthemum festival was effective. While it was in the 1st dock of Masan Port last year, it was held in the landfill site of prevention hill in front of Masan Eel Street this year. Also, to activate the commercial district of the old downtown area near the festival place, chrysanthemum festival was made to be enjoyed around Changdong and Odongdong.

The chrysanthemum festival was held from October 25 to November 8, extended for 5 days from last year. Tourists made the memories of autumn by enjoying various works of a total of 9,600 pieces with 100,000 flowers of chrysanthemum in 10 themes.

This year, the festival drew popularity by holding programs for the first time that both men and women of all age groups can enjoy, such as the operation of ‘Chrysanthemum Train’ from the 2nd dock of Masan Port to the place of the Chrysanthemum Festival, ‘Soaring Changwon’s Yudeung Exhibition’ that presents splendid nightscape with Yudeung in a shape of dragon and wedding photo competition. Especially, the merchants of Masan Fishery Market right beside Eel Street and festival place enjoyed ‘Specially increased demand during the Chrysanthemum Festival’ for the first time in a long period thanks to the surge of customers. Street merchants said in a unanimous voice that “This chrysanthemum festival is a huge success. It was hard for us to trim eels because of too many customers, but we are very happy because our sales increased very much. Also, the merchants of Masan Fishery Market said “The number of customers increased sharply as if we could not slice raw fish properly because our arms hurt. It looks like there will be many tourists visiting Changwon even after the festival as the food street of Masan has been promoted very well.”

In addition, many tourists visited the Blowfish Dish Street and Steamed Monkfish Street near Masan Fishery Market, reviving the old downtown area commercial district. Also, ‘Light Street Landscape’ was turned on as well, attracting more tourists. A tourist who visited the festival place from Busan said in laugh: “I didn’t even realize the time was passing because I was too absorbed into the scent of chrysanthemum. I liked how chrysanthemum was in full bloom in every corner of streets and the light street was very impressive.” Another tourist complimented: “It was great because I could watch the chrysanthemum festival and tour the food street of Masan. It was a very fruitful trip because the people who planned the festival considered not only the merchants but also tourists’ routes. With such explosive responses of merchants and tourists, the city expects to make a greater achievement by more than 20~30% from last year which drew ‘1.37 million visitors and 38.9 billion Korean won of regional economic effects.’ The target number of attracting 1.4 million visitors was easily exceeded.


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