Excellent Dating Spot, ‘Jinhae-ru Beach Park’

Popular for Couples’ Driving and Walking Course

Romantic Mood with Street Performances and Night Scenery

Cool autumn breeze and wide-open ocean view. A coastal road to enjoy soft whispers with lovers. A place to face each other with a cup of coffee while taking a little break. You can enjoy all of this when you go to Jinhae-ru Beach Park. Although there are many parks in the center of Changwon, Jinhae-ru Beach Park is the best. The beach park has an outdoor performance hall, trick art zone, and other cultural facilities around Jinhae-ru. It is 1 zone of Jinhae Port Road’among 35km of Jinhae Beach, which is a walking trail created along Jinhae Shoreline. It has a total of 7 zones stretching 30km long, and takes about 7 hours.

‘Jinhae Port Road’ is popular among tourists as it has Jinhae-ru of 1 section and peoplecan walk slowly while smelling the tideland. A road was also built along the shoreline of beautiful Sokcheon Port, so it is popular as a driving course for families and lovers. It is safe as bikeway and pedestrian road are divided, and people who are enjoying fishing here and there also create an interesting scene. As a naval city, there are also children playing in a playground that looks like the Turtle Ship.

A palace located inside the beach park, Jinhae-ru has an area of 477m2 and height of 15.2m and was built as an eight-angled roof of the Sampo style. It has the best view over Jinhae’s own beautiful scenery, and the night scenery is breathtaking as well. Landscape lighting was installed to create the beautiful landscape of Jinhae-ru. The night scenery harmonizing with the sea is a piece of stunning picture. Also, culture and art activities such as busking are often held in outdoor performances, so you can watch amazing performances if you go there on time. Jinhae-ru’s night scenery and awesome performances create a romantic atmosphere to move the hearts of lovers.

Beside Jinhae-ru stands the statue of Warrant Officer Juho Han who sacrificed his life to rescue the missing ones when Cheonan Ship was sinking. Warrant Officer Han died on the job while rescuing the missing people in Baengnyeongdo Island on the West Sea on March 30th, 2010. Then the navy had the unveiling ceremony of the statue to commemorate his 1-year anniversary of sacrifice on March 30th, 2011. The statue is 3.5m tall and created a figure of Warrant Officer Han aiming at the enemy with a rifle while riding a rubber boat, armed with the military spirit. Behind the statute, an epitaph commemorating Warrant Officer Han, troop mark of UDT and SEAL, and the spirits of sacrifice, honor, unity, and UDT are carved on the stone pagoda. The stone walls in the surrounding introduces the heroic duties of the deceased during his life.

There is a Trick Art Zone right beside the statute of Warrant Officer Han. A trick art uses optical illusions to express drawings and plane figures in three-dimensional, and maximizes the senses of onsite and 3D when pictures are taken with the work as background. It is much more fun to take pictures by participating directly and expressing oneself in various ways by having the work as the background, instead of seeing them in eyes. Then you can also see a white sailboat-shaped building while walking toward Jinhae Marine Leports Center, which is the Energy Exhibition Hall for Energy Environment Science Park.


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