Proclamation of ‘Visit Changwon Year’ for Next Year

Proclamation of ‘Visit Changwon Year’ for Next Year  Photo

Connection with 2018 ISSF World Shooting Championships

Aims to Attract 15 million Tourists

To Largely Increase Things to See and Enjoy

The city has recently held the Proclamation Ceremony for ‘2018 Visit Changwon Year’ and decided to attract 15 million tourists 1500. The Proclamation Ceremony was to spread nationwide that Changwon would make a great leap to become a ‘City You Want to Visit’ next year. By connecting with ‘2018 Changwon ISSF World Shooting Championships (August 31 ~ September 14)’ and ‘Visit Changwon Year’, which will be participated by 4,500 athletic teams from 120 countries in the world, the city will host various events throughout the year so that many tourists from Korea and abroad can visit Changwon.

Starting with the official declaration of ‘2018 Visit Changwon Year’, the city will raise awareness of the 3 main festivals of Changwon including ‘Jinhae Gunhang Festival’, ‘K-pop World Festival’, ‘Want to Go to Masan Chrysanthemum Festival’. Also, the city will strengthen promotional marketing for large events that will be held one after another next year such as ‘2018 Changwon Sculpture Biennale’, ‘The World’s Korean Economic Conference’, ‘International Tourism Symposium’, etc. In addition, a ‘City with Beautiful Night’ creating unique landscape lighting will be setup in major tourist sites for foreigners visiting Changwon to enjoy stay-type tourism. The city will also actively carry out projects such as expanding experience sports infrastructure, developing tourist goods with four-season themes, running a crisscross tour course, and developing industrial tourist goods. It will designate promotion hall for ‘Visit Changwon Year’ in each area, install a ‘multipurpose tourist information center’ in the downtown, carry out friendly smile movement for all citizens, and execute policies such as dining, accommodations, transportation, and friendly education.

By hosting the ISSF World Shooting Championships and Visit Changwon Year, the city expects to have about 15 million tourists to Changwon next year, which is a 37% increase from last year’s 10.95 million people, and gain 395 billion KRW of economic ripple effect.

The Proclamation Ceremony included Visit Changwon Year Proclamation, showing of Changwon promotional video, presentation on the vision of Visit Changwon Year, and introduction of ‘Tourist Sites in Changwon’ by actor Jeong Joon-ho, who was the honorary ambassador for Changwon tourism, etc. The city also signed an MOU with the Korea Shooting Federation, Korea MICE Association, and the Tourism Sciences Society of Korea. After the Proclamation Ceremony ended, participants carried out promotional marketing activities by visiting the event place of ‘Media Art-Show’ to raise awareness of ‘Tourism City Changwon’ by using 12 huge LED screens in Gwanghwamun Plaza.


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