Leading the Future Automobile Industry

Started the construction of Chassis Module Strategic Parts Innovation Center

Will invest 30 billion Korean Won and complete in April next year


Mayor Ahn Sang-soo said We hope that the innovation center grows to become the foothold of advanced technology development that leads South Korea’s future automobile industry. <Photo>.

Having decided to construct the ‘Automobile Chassis Module Strategic Parts Innovation Center’, the foothold of the development of advanced technology for automobile parts, Changwon has embarked on building the foundation to lead the future automobile industry.

The city has recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of ‘Automobile Chassis Module Strategic Parts Innovation Center’. This event was participated by many people such as Mayor Ahn Sang-soo, local assemblymen, provincial and city council members, residents, etc.

The innovation center is a new core foothold to support the development, performance, reliability, and the complex evaluation of key strategic parts that highly contribute to the integration, functional convergence, weight reduction, and miniaturization of individual parts for automobile parts chassis modulization, which is being magnified as the core technological paradigm of future automobile industry.

It will be built on the total ground area of 2320m2 in the land (inside the intelligent machines, materials, and parts center in Gyeongnam Techno Park, Naeseo-eup, Masan Hwoiwon-gu) provided by the city, and will be completed in April 2018. After the completion of construction, it will carry out a support project to nurture local strong and medium-sized companies as specialized medium-sized companies by securing professional equipment and support personnel. A total of 30 billion Korean Won will be invested into this project.

When the innovation center is built, the competition of about 530 automobile parts companies in the region will be accelerated and the related industries will also have accompanied growth. Also, support programs for the development of overseas certified technology and export strategic parts will be operated to nurture 60 specialized companies by 2010 and increase the exports of related industries by 8%.


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