Finding Solutions for the Success of Next Year’s ‘Visit Changwon Year’

300 citizens participate in a roundtable discussion

Full of noble, original ideas / Reviewed the current status of tourism industry

창원 방문의 해 300인 원탁토론창원 방문의 해 300인 원탁토론1

<Photo> Citizens are having a heated discussion for the success of ‘Visit Changwon Year’ next year.

300 citizens gathered their heads together to successfully host ‘2018 Visit Changwon Year’ successfully. Recently, ‘Changwon citizens’ roundtable’ was held with a topic of Finding Solutions for the Success of Next Year’s ‘Visit Changwon Year’ in the Citizen Hall of the city hall.

The roundtable was participated by Mayor Ahn Sang-soo, tourism policy experts, tourism industry workers, cultural commentator, citizen activists, university students and youths, totaling 300 citizens, holding heated discussions on diagnosing the current status of tourism in Changwon.

This discussion was arranged to attract more Korean and overseas tourists to develop the tourism industry further, with the ISSF World Shooting Championships next year as a catalyst. To make ‘Visit Changwon Year’ successful next year, citizens’ active participation and cooperation are necessary, so policy reflecting their opinions will be developed and actively implemented.

The participating citizens poured in all kinds of proposals and noble ideas in various fields such as tourism, culture and art, festivals, etc. Also, as successful solutions for ‘2018 Visit Changwon Year’, suggestions have been made on developing tourism resources and festivals with citizens, creating a sustainable tourist city with art and history, expanding infrastructure investment related to marine ecological tour, and adopting experience-type tourism paradigm.

Other plans chosen for the diagnosis and improvement of tourism policy were creating characteristic parks, improving the entire accommodation environment, securing and connecting public transportation, poor infrastructure that did not meet the levels of tourists, and lack of tourism mind by citizens. Mayor Ahn Sang-soo said “For 2018 Visit Changwon Year to be successful, citizens’ active participation is necessary. We will reflect various opinions from the roundtable on the city’s policy.”


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