Cruising to a ‘culture and art special city’

1 year after declaration, efforts to popularize culture and art

Audience applause for 1 year anniversary events

Performances by famous overseas orchestra and Ballet Company

<Photo> Various events were held to celebrate 1 year anniversary of declaring ‘Culture and Art Special City Changwon’.

It’s been a year since the ‘Culture and Art Special City’ was promulgated. The city has been building physical and human infrastructure to popularize culture and art. To improve low citizen participation in Changwon Sculpture Biennale that was held in a limited, narrow space last year, it was opened in Yongji Lake Park grass plaza and attracted many people’s participation. Efforts to improve the city into Culture and Art Special City have started in every single event, with more enthusiastic citizen participation.

Various events to celebrate 1 year anniversary are held to continue this atmosphere. The ‘Changwon Yechan Festa’ has been held in every part of the city such as Changwon Seongsan Art Hall and 3·15 Art Center from June 27th to September 3rd. This event will have 11 performances and exhibitions for 2 months, such as ‘Graz Chamber Orchestra’ performance in Korea, ice ballet ‘Sleeping Beauty’, Changwon International Chamber Music Festival, etc. Until the end of August, people can watch musical masterpieces and musical animations through ‘A Midsummer Night’s Cinema’ in Seongsan Art Hall and Jinhae outdoor performance at 8pm every Saturday. Especially, ‘Graz Chamber Orchestra’, Austria’s authentic, prestigious orchestra, had a performance in the large auditorium of Seongsan Art Hall, presenting a midsummer night’s precious memory. The Graz Chamber Orchestra that is presenting various repertoires from Baroque to the 21st century music played Mozart and Strauss’s music during this performance.

At 7:30pm on August 16 in the large theater of the 3·15 Art Center, France’s top chamber orchestra ‘French Chamber Orchestra’ will have a performance for Koreans. The French Chamber Orchestra will play pieces by Mozart, Briton, and Shostakovich during the performance that day, and Professor Ju-eun Lee of Changwon University Music Department will perform with a fancy ensemble.


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