Looking at the Marine Kingdom from 1,500 years ago

[Special] ‘Gusan-myeon, the Mecca of Marine Tour’

Marine drama filming site is crowded after its repair
Attractions such as iron production site and dock from the Gaya period


Changwon marine drama filming site was created in April 2010 by investing a project cost of 4 billion KRW on the area of 947m2, in Seokgok-ri, Gusan-myeon, Masanhappo-gu, Changwon, in order to promote and educate drama shooting and marine history. At the entrance of the filming site, 16 movie and drama posters filmed in this site from 2010 until now are displayed to greet tourists.

The filming site consists of a total of 25 buildings in 6 zones. It is equipped with the iron production site, dock, marketplace, sailboat, weapons, living supplies, and various items from Gaya period.

It is necessary to take a pamphlet from the tour information center at the filming site entrance. It is much more helpful to know about the buildings and zones by looking around different parts of the filming site while reading the explanations of pamphlet in the hand. Having no guide sign is not very helpful for drama filming that sometimes occurs.

Gimhae Hall can be said to be the main part of the filming site. As the main filming place of drama Kim Su-ro, it displays the bedrooms of Kim Su-ro, Queen Heo, meeting rooms, and all kinds of props. There is a photo zone at the entrance of the building to take a picture like Kim Su-ro and Queen Heo by putting one’s face.

A dock to bring a ship for maritime trade is located toward the sea from Gimhae Hall. There is a ship hanging around in place according to the wind direction at the front sea of the dock, and a ship that seems to have been used for drama filming is anchored at the mud flat.

If you go across the bridge at the 2nd floor of Gimhae Hall or go toward the left of the filming site, you will reach the Haebanchon area. It has reproduced the life of ordinary people by having a shoe store, blacksmith workshop, earthenware store, etc.

The marketplace has recreated a market from Gaya period. It has a store selling animal skin, farming tools, clothes, as well as an inn selling raw rice wine (makgeoli), and also displays fruit-shaped props.
In addition, there is also Gaya Hall that was used as an inn, joint water Saemigyo, horse stable, and aniron production site that smelted collected iron ore. The filming site that recreated the buildings of Gaya period was established in 2010 and went through several repairs.

Another fun element to visit this place is a well-maintained walk trail. There is a wave sound path, a marine forest path to start from the marine drama filming site and return to the original place. Its total length is 1.7km long and it was created in August 2016. Nature’s present magnificent marine view and thick, dense pine groves stand in harmony. There is also an observatory tower and every person of both genders and all ages can walk comfortably. ‘Sea & Wood Scent World’ nearby is a good place to enjoy walking, as it is a fragrant place throughout all 4 seasons by planting 700 herbs and landscape woody plants.


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