Foreign tourists’ Downtown Sightseeing onPublic Bike.

Business agreement with 3 tourist hotels.

Will have test operation from June this year.



‘Crisscross bikes’ have become easily available for foreign tourists staying in tourist hotels. It is expected that they will not only provide travel conveniences for foreign tourists but also instill new energy into city sightseeing.

The cityhas recently signed an agreement to support crisscross bike use with 3 tourist hotels. In the current crisscross bike operating system, only local Koreans and domestic foreigners registered in Korea could use the bikes, but this agreement has solved the difficulties of crisscross bike use faced by foreigners visiting Korea on short-term. With a separate signup procedure for crisscross bike use, it will be planned for them to use the bikes easily with a crisscross bike use card of a tourist hotel’s name. Foreigner crisscross bike service will start from this upcoming June. Once the city’s foreigner crisscross bike serviceis activated, the service provision will be expanded to the entire tourist hotels and accommodations throughout Changwon.

The tourist hotels participating in this agreement include Pullman Ambassador Changwon, Hotel International, and Changwon Hotel Co., Ltd. The 3 tourist hotels are where many foreigners visiting Changwon usually stay. Since the introduction of ‘Crisscross Bikes,’ the first public bike system in Korea, in October 2008, the city has run 270 terminals and 3982 crisscross bikes which are the largest size in Korea. 14,320 people on average ride crisscross bikes a day.

A city official has said that “Foreigner tourists prefer riding on a bike to a car when visiting the main tourist attractions of the city. With this, there has been an increasing number of inquiries on the use of crisscross bikes and thus we have arranged a plan for crisscross bike use for foreign tourists.”


Here is a brief introduction of the 3 tourist hotels.
■Pullman Ambassador Changwon

Pullman Ambassador Changwon
Pullman Ambassador Changwon

Has a total of 321 rooms including 13 suites designed by famous Korean and overseas designers, providing comfort, vast space, and modern and refined specialness in harmony with tradition. It also has a variety of drink and food businesses, small/medium/large ballroom facilities accommodating a total of 1,200 people, and ‘Club City 7,’ the area’s first 2,000-pyeong high-class membership fitness center.

Pullman Ambassador Changwon provides a customer-focused service for you to experience work efficiency and entertainment, as it is connected with Changwon Convention & Trade Center, CGV that has 8 movie halls, the City 7 complex shopping, etc.

■Hotel International

호텔인터내셔널 야경.jpg
Hotel International

Consisting of 4 underground floors, 9 ground flowers, and a parking facility for 400 cars to park at the same time, it is also evenly equipped with all kinds of facilities such as Gyeongnam’s largest convention hall, 7 small banquet rooms, all kinds of restaurants and wedding halls, as well as additional amenities to relieve a day’s fatigue and for tomorrow’s vitality in sauna.

As soon as you enter the lobby, you can feel the sense of Hotel International hidden in the Korean traditional beauty. An advanced service by staff members with rich experiences at the lobby front, which is full of dignity as an international hotel, is also noteworthy.

■Changwon Hotel Co., Ltd.

Changwon Hotel Co., Ltd.

There are 173 rooms to enjoy business and rest together. This hotel has various room systems such as ultrahigh speed wired/wireless internet, digital TV, hinoki bathtub and shower booth that suits customer tastes, and safe-deposit box inside a room. Differentiated, customized hotel services are also provided through sauna, fitness room, and a free laundry service.

In addition, the hotel has a large seminar room that can accommodate up to 500 people to have a reception, large-scale event, or wedding, and is fully equipped with refined and modern indoor decorations and lighting, modernistic sound facilities, convenient traffic network and large parking facilities, and high-tech communication.


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