Murals, Waking Up the City Sentiment

Yegok Flower Town, Gagopa Winding Path, Changdong Art Village, etc.

Imbuing ‘Vigor’ with Fancy Colors and Images to the Old Atmosphere

Murals are giving to city villages that have lost vitality. At the same time it is attracting more people, delivering warmth to the villages. We will visit a major mural town of Changwon and observe its scenes.

‘Flower Murals’ of Yegok Village

It was winter but flowers were fully bloomed here. Every alley was full of flower scent and there were various kinds of flowers. These flowers are not planted on the ground but are rather welcoming guests on the wall. They are ‘flower murals,’ the communication medium connecting  villagers and strangers. Through them people naturally disarm the mind boundary. Yegok Flower Village is a tranquil country town with 70 households, 220 residents. Surrounded by a mountain, the town is where people can take a comfortable rest while having fresh air. The flowering complex stands in front of the village as well as chrysanthemums and cornus officinalis stand on the farm road for people to fully enjoy the beauty of nature. The old city of Masan, where Yegok Flower Town, preserves the history of Korea’s chrysanthemum cultivation. After 6 farms in Hoiwon-dong area started the commercial cultivation of chrysanthemum for the first time in Korea in 1960, it went through rapid development and exported chrysanthemum to Japan and in 1976 for the first time in Korea. When the Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival is held, the chrysanthemums of Yegok Flower Town are most commonly exhibited along with chrysanthemums cultivated from Jin-dong and Bukmyeon. Yegok Flower Town was selected as a ‘Good Farm Village Tour to Enjoy September Epicurism,’ jointly held by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs and Korea Rural Community Corporation.

Mural Village of Gagopa Winding Path

To revive the beautiful elements of Masan, this path was completed in December 2013. In the Mural Town of Gagopa Winding Path, built in a mountain village of course Seongho-dong from Changdong through Burim-si, you can find various murals in every street corner as well as exotic photo zones. When you walk past Burim-si from Changdong Street and walk toward the Seongho-dong Community Center, you will see a small apartment on a hilltop. That’s right, a colorful, variegated mural town has been built in the mountain village nearby. It is not that huge as it has 30 households with an area of 452m2. However, when you look back after going up the alley, you will see that it is a great place to view the Masan Port. It is even more affectionate as clothesline hanging outside, flower pots on the street, and the senior citizens’ center in the town go along well with the murals. With creative murals that have incorporated themselves into the town landscape, you can also find ‘Blonde Marilyn Monroe’ by Andy Warhol. There are also unique attractions including a mural that has ‘Flower’ by poet Kim Choonso of Masan and a hundred-year-old wall that was built before 1910 and was used by town residents. No matter where you start from either alley, you can take a look around. Taking a step by step, you can also appreciate the scenery in harmony of mountain village and murals, and enjoy the atmosphere of the coastal waters, city view, and murals of Masan.

Changdong Art Village Murals

There are also photo zones and murals in Changdong Art Village. A total of 9 artworks, including 3 photozones and 6 murals, were selected to be drawn from 23 artworks submitted for the design contest by artists who moved into the art village in June last year. Changdong Art Village has been invigorated in every street corner through these, providing various contents and attractions to tourists. Combined with other cultural contents of Changdong Art Village, such murals and photo zones are giving vitality to the city. It is the free Hanbok rental business. You can easily find tourists wearing colorful Hanbok are trying to preserve fun and enjoyable memories into photos in exotic murals or photo zones.




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