Observatory erected in Gapo Beach


Scenery from the Gapo Observatory that covers Masan bay at one sight

An observatory to enjoy whole scenary of Masan bay is made at Changwon-si, Masanhappo-gu, Gapo-dong.

Upon the completion of the “Gapo District Coastal Observatory Walkway Construction Project,” which was commenced in August last year, the city provides observation platforms, walking trails and marine water facilities as a healing place for citizens.

In this area, an observation deck with a height of 18m and a width of 2.5m was installed, and 137m long Masan walkway was established. The cost of the project was KRW 500 millio (special grant tax). During theday, you can admire the spectacular scenery of Masan bay here. In the evening, the scenery lighting installed on the observation deck creates an ambient atmosphere.

Additionally, Gapo district waterfront area with camping grounds, fountains, multipurpose grounds, children’s play facilities, and Gapo coastal park decorated with promenade and rest area are expected to be popular as a healing space for citizens.

A city offi cial said, “Next year, we will make a coastal circumference road connecting the Gapo coastal park to the Gapo district waterfront area with the theme walking trail as a starting point, and the whole area will be transformed into a spot of a marine facility, representing Changwon area.”





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