Plans to Build the Longest Zipline in Myeong-dong

Plans to Complete the Facility in September 2017

Development Plans for Eumjido, Udo, and Sokuriseom Islands


Concept art for biplane connecting Eumjido and Sokuriseom islands

One of the things that Changwon boasts is its beautiful maritime scenery that stretches for 324 kilometers, which is a key resource for nurturing its tourism industry.

Among many sights along the cost of Changwon, Myeong-dong in Jinhae-gu has an inexplicably beautiful scenery not describable by simple words. The area features small but charming islands such as Eumjido, Udo, and Sokuriseom floating on the serene waters of maritime parks along the southern coast. The scenery on the beachside road is also breathtaking. Such a beautiful place in Myeong-dong area is to be established as a marine leisure and sports town that represents Changwon.

One of the largest additions transforming the area is the zipline. The extreme sports facility is being planned in order to create unique activities that will attract more tourists to the city.

The city administration plans to connect the islands of Eumjido and Sokuriseom on the maritime parks with the zipline. According to the plan, the zipline will be 1,200 meters long, which is the longest in Korea. The zipline moves at speeds of sixty to eighty kilometers per hour, requiring fifty-five to seventy seconds from one end of the line to the other. The facility will feature four lines, capable of accommodating two passengers at a time, allowing a total of eight people to use the ride.

The city plan is to sign a memorandum of understanding with a private contractor, designate an urban planning facility project operator, approve execution plan, and execute various licensing procedures, with the groundbreaking to take place in February to March 2017 and expected completion date in September of the same year.

Changwon city administration has begun the work to develop Eumjido, Udo, and Sokuriseom islands in a comprehensive manner. The work at Eumjido Island will focus on installing various landscape elements and walking trails, as well as developing marine activity programs, restaurants, and other tour products. The effort will drastically expand the convenience infrastructure on the island, in addition to the number of things to see and do there. Udo and Sokuriseom islands will feature nature-friendly trekking paths by the sea, camping sites, and other infrastructure and contents for marine tourism that enable tourists to engage in year-round activities, convalescence, and healing tourism. The local government is currently forming a task force, and is poised to establish an integrated development strategy and plans in the near future.


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