General Electric Makes Large-Scale Investment in Changwon

GE Builds the First Large-Scale Manufacturing Factory in Korea

After it acquired HRSG Project Department, which makes key parts for power plant facilities, from Doosan Engineering & Construction, General Electric 담om the United States is moving the department to a site it acquired from Doosan. Three GE officials including the general manager of HRSG at the corporate headquarters recently visited Changwon to meet with Mayor Ahn Sang-soo. During the meeting, the officials presented GE’s investment plan in Changwon, and requested the city for its collaboration in the project.

GE purchased the site (size: 49,931㎡) that Doosan had put on the market because its ship engine business part was not performing well; GE plans to relocate its HRSG Business Department manufacturing key parts for power plant, which it required from Doosan Engineering & Construction. Changwon is the first city in which GE is undertaking a large-scale manufacturing plant investment in Korea.


Major Ahn Sang-soo met with officials from GE for an investment information session.


Mayor An expressed his hopes that GE will work with outstanding local companies to coordinate its high technological capabilities and organization to generate more investments, and asked GE to hire talents from Changwon through its future recruitment plans.

In relation, the Governor of American Chamber of Commerce in Korea (AMCHAM) Kim Okjin, who is also the CEO of GE Power Systems Korea, proposed to Mayor An for Changwon to Host AMCHAM Innovation Camp 2017 in Changwon.

The camp has been in place since 2013, under the sponsorship of AMCHAM. CEOs and executives from global AMCHAM member companies visit local universities in Korea to provide lectures, group mentoring sessions, and various employment information to the students.






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