Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival

Hosted at Masanman Bay Beach for Ten Days Beginning on October 29


The largest flower festival for a single species, Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival takes place at the beaches of Masanman Bay at Changwon, from October 29 to November 7, for ten days. There are 7,600 entries to be exhibited at this year’s festival, which marks its sixteenth year. Twenty percent of all entries are new ones, beginning with the main artwork installed at the entryway. The work symbolizing seagulls that were installed last year will be changed to one representing a hot-air balloon this year. Along with kids’ zone, love zone, and other theme zones, the festival will feature various works or chrysanthemum art symbolizing the stone female diver statue at Dotseom Island, golden pig, and turtle ship. The number of chrysanthemums used for the festival also increased, from 100,000 last year to 110,000 this year, marking the highest in the festival’s history.

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