Warty Sea Squirt Bibimbap: Changwon’s Representative Cuisine

Top Notch Taste and Flavor: Steamed Anglerfish Also Selected

Warty Sea Squirt Bibimbap was selected as a representative cuisine of Changwon. Warty sea squirt is a specialty of the city, with seventy percent of its national production concentrated in Changwon.

In order to promote consumption of Changwon specialty foods and vitalize food tourism, the city hosted a tasting and judging event for representative cuisine in Changwon. The highlight of the day was warty sea squirt bibimbap, which the participants did not spare compliments. The general consensus was that the dish retained the wonderful fragrance of the ocean and a top notch texture.


<Photo> Warty sea squirt bibimbap, recently selected as Changwon’s representative foods.

The recipe for warty sea squirt bibimbap is simple. An adequate amount of processed warty sea squirt is poured over a bowl of rice, adding sliced dried seaweed and sesame oil.

The event also featured Korean pancakes, rice porridge, and other side dish made with warty sea squirt. The warty sea squirt rice porridge that retained the flavor of the ingredient was favorably received, and the participants also tasted salmon roll with warty sea squirt.

Mayor An commented that warty sea squirt bibimbap is a proud product of Changwon worthy of global attention. He said that the cuisine has better taste and flavor than sea urchin bibimbap, and is perfect to be called the representative food of Changwon.

The city formed a committee to select its representative cuisine, and conducted a survey to select steamed anglerfish and warty sea squirt bibimbap as its representative food, which will be managed with special attention.


<Photo> Steamed anglerfish, recently selected as Changwon’s representative foods.




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