Turning Yeongnam Region into the Center of Korean Wave Tourism

City Agrees to Build a Culture Complex Town with a Large Entertainment Company

The city plans to lead the Korean Wave Tourism with a large Korean entertainment company. Palryong-dong in Euichang-gu will be the home of Changwon Culture Complex Town featuring a K-pop performance hall and a Korean Wave studio. The culture complex, to be operated by a world-class entertainment company specializing in Korean Wave contents, will feature four basement floors and nine over-ground floors, which is three times larger than a culture town operated by another entertainment company in Seoul. Changwon’s new culture complex is expected to attract Korean Wave tourists to Yeongnam Region.

The entertainment company will form a consortium with construction companies to invest KRW 101 billion in vicinity of Changwon Bus Terminal and build a Culture Complex Town and a public parking lot (capable of holding 506 vehicles) by early 2020. The facilities will be donated to the city.


The first basement floor will be made into a retail shop utilizing celebrity marketing, and a Korean Wave Studio and retail stores will be hosted on floors one to three. Fourth and fifth floor will have a K-pop hologram performance hall that can seat eight hundred forty people, and sixth and seventh floors will host a convention center. Eighth and ninth floors will house a boutique hotel with twenty-five rooms.

Once the culture complex is completed, the city and the entertainment company plans to operate “K-pop Tour Package” under which foreign and domestic tourists and experience Korean Wave and Changwon. In addition, the two parties will support talent search and training in connection with K-Pop World Festival held in Changwon every fall.


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