Temptation of the Sweetness from Changwon Persimmon Theme Park

Located in Hwayang-ri, Dong-eup: Assortment of Tourist Attractions

The Park Elevates the Status of Changwon as the First and Largest Persimmon Plantation

Changwon is the first place where persimmons were grown in Korea, and it is also the largest persimmon plantation in the country. A park celebrating the culture opened recently, under the name Changwon Persimmon Theme Park (Persimmon Park).


Persimmon Park is located in 670-1 Hwayang-ri, Dong-eup, Euichang-gu in Changwon. With the beautiful natural environment of Dong-eup in the backdrop the park features promotions hall, experiential facilities, persimmon orchard, traditional houses, and an observation tower.


At the entrance of Persimmon Park, a cute-looking character of a girl greets the visitors while holding a persimmon and sitting on a pot. The bright and familiar image of the character draws much attention. After walking across the parking lot, two large persimmon sculptures representing the status of Changwon persimmons sit on the rooftop of the promotional hall building, looking comfortable like a mother and her son. In front of the building, a century-old persimmon tree that was donated by a persimmon orchard shows off its beauty. Around the building are many traditional pottery that enhances the atmosphere of the traditional house and emphasizing historical nature of the site.


At the entrance of the theme park featuring a sunflower garden, the promotions hall stands to provide information on Persimmon Park and the history of persimmon in Changwon. In the back of the promotions hall, a short trail with small sculptures and a pond, as well as a persimmon vinegar farm, and a grass square, is located.


The persimmon vinegar farm features hundreds of pottery. The grass square hosts a large deck stage, a persimmon swing, and pinwheel sculptures that provide entertainment to visitors to the park. Beyond the grass square, a small cafeteria housed under a thatched roof, as well as traditional pavilions and a bathroom, is located. Around the area are folk game zone, small animal farm, large water mill, and a pond.


Past the park and experiential facilities are a persimmon orchard with hundreds of trees. The observation deck has binoculars that oversee the beautiful scenery of Junamho Lake.



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