Spend Your Summer Vacation in Changwon

Various Courses and Themes for Vacationers


“Spend your summer vacation in Changwon!”

The city recently developed various themed tourism courses for summer vacation season in order to attract more tourists to the city.

In order to provide customized tourism information to visitors, the city planned various themed tour courses. Day courses include stream course, beach course, eating course, and marine sports course. The stream course includes Naeseogamcheongol Stream, Seongjusa Temple, Dalcheon Stream (Dalcheon Stream Campsite), and Junamho Lake. In the beach course, tourists can enjoy Jeodo Bridge, Jubok Art Village, Marine TV Drama Set, Machangdaegyo Bridge, and Samgui Beach.

The most important element of travelling is the food. Eating course leads tourists to Changdong Art Village, Burim Market, and Anglerfish Street, Grilled Eel Street, Raw Fish Street, and Bamboo Liquor Street. Marine Sports Course is composed of a visit to Jinhaeru Pavilion, experiencing marine sports (canoe, kayak), and a visit to Sokcheon Raw Fish Town.

(휴가)마산 바다 풍경_1

Next are two-day trip courses. For tourists who wish to make many memories, the city offers four themed courses: “Romantic Arts Trip,” “Healing Trip,” “Beautiful Ocean and Jinhae Naval Station History Trail,” and “Moonlight Starlight Auto Camping Site” are the courses. The Romantic Arts Trip is perfect for people seeking to enjoy Changwon as the “city of arts.” The course leads tourists to Munsin Art Museum, Gagopa Winding Trail, Sangsang-gil, Changdong Art Village, Burim Creative Crafts Village (Youth Mall), Masan Fish Market (Accommodation), Masan Literary Museum, Masan Music Museum, Gubok Art Village, Jeodo Village, and Marine TV Drama Set.


For family tourists, the city recommends Moonlight Starlight Auto Camp Site course, in which the beauty of night sky in countryside encapsulate the visitors. The course includes visits to Samnuri Village, Ochehyang Village, Dalcheon Stream Auto Camping Site (Accommodation), Cheonjusan Mountain (Cypress Forest, Chunjusan Nuri-gil Trail), Bukmyeon Mageumsan Hot Spring, and Naegok Goblin Forest.

The city is engaging in promotions campaign for such customized tour courses for visitors, using city tourism blogs, social media pages, and other online platforms.


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