Pilgrimage Course Remembering Rev. Ju Gi-cheol

City Organized 62.5 Kilometers in Pilgrimage Trail: Connections to Stay-Oriented Tourism

The city administration developed Rev. Ju Gi-cheol Pilgrimage Trail Course, which connects Rev. Ju Gi-cheol Memorial and Rev. Son Yang-won Memorial. Rev. Ju (b. November 25, 1897 – d. April 21, 1944) is a historical figure in Korean Protestantism who kept his faith despite imperial Japan torturing him for his opposition to worship at Japanese shinto shrines. He is also considered a martyr.

The pilgrimage trail begins at Rev. Ju Gi-cheol Memorial located in Nammun-dong, Jinhae-gu, and continues for 62.5 kilometers to Ungcheon Elementary School, Ungcheon Church, 120 Year Memorial for Mission Gyeongnam Region, Masan Munchang Church, and Rev. Son Yang-won Memorial and his house.


<Photo> Rev. Ju Gi-cheol Memorial.

The city organized the course for more than visual tourism: the trail is a place to experience and feel the life of the reverend. First, Rev. Ju’s aphorism, “Absolute Determination” will be commercialized in the form of frames, towels, and cross necklaces. In addition, miniature sculptures representing the pilgrimage trail will be installed in front of the Rev. Ju’s memorial hall, along with a model of Cross Rock at Muhaksan Mountain, where the reverend prayed every night when he conducted mission at Masan Munchang Church. The sites will be provided as a space to pray and reflect on the suffering of the reverend.

In addition, a stamp relay event for children and youth tourists will be conducted to add fun elements to the course, and stay-oriented tourism course connecting pilgrimage and tourism will be planned as well.



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