Autumn in Changwon Beautifully Tinted with Colorful Chrysanthemums

The 15th Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival presented until Nov. 8 at Pier 1 of Masan Port

In October when beautiful leaf color decorates the autumn in the city, the city is going to hold the 15th Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival and 2015K-POP World Festival.
The 15th Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival will be held at Pier 1 of Masan Port, located in Masan Happo-gu for ten days from Oct. 30 through Nov. 8.Sequence-01_10
The chrysanthemum festival will present for ten days a variety of events including a celebration on the eve, opening ceremony, multimedia fireworks in Happo Bay, chrysanthemum scent grand festival, exhibitions, cultural events, experiential
events, special events, and accessory events. Moreover, the venue for the
festival will present various works with some 100,000 chrysanthemums and the
whole city will boost the festive mood by putting 700,000 flowers on display.
The venue for the chrysanthemum festival will present a more splendid look compared to last year.DSC_8822
First of all, a 7-meter-tall flower gate, which will be erected at the entrance of the festival venue, will catch the eyes of tourists. The flower gate will be rendered as Seagull’s Dream that carris wishes for the upgrade of Changwon to a metropolitan city. Also, a multicircle
masterpiece with 1,510 flowers decorating each stem will compete for a spot on Guinness World Records.IMG_7761
2015K-POP World Festival will be held at Changwon Sports Park on the evening of Oct. 30. Youths of the world who love K-Pop will gather in the city to present a three-hour stage for sharing friendship with K-Pop stars and grooming their dreams.사본 -합성사진
The city is doing its best to prepare the event so that K-Pop will be established as an icon for the world and a cultural tourism brand representing the Korean Wave.


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