Changwon to Shine to Become a New Attraction in Global K-Wave Tourism

The city and KTO to create in Chang-dong Sangsanggil (‘imagination road’) that has 23,000 person names of the world carved on it

창동거리_상상길_3Try to find a stone slab that has carved on it the names of the members of 4MINUTE, a famous girl group of Korea.
Sangsanggil (‘imagination road’) has been created in Chang-dong, Masan Happo-gu. Sangsanggil has been coauthored by the city and Korea Trourism Organization (KTO) for the purpose of revitalizing global K-Wave tourism.

08Sangsanggil comes from ‘Imagine your Korea’, the KTO slogan for global Korean tourism brand, and it conveys the wish that the first step for all the people in the world in realizing their imagination starts on Sangsanggil in Chang-dong.

The 155m Sangsanggil will includes stone slabs that will have names of not only famous singers, actors and actresses from here and abroad, but also 23,000 Korea-loving foreigners who live in all corners of the world. The stone slabs, which will be in granite dyed in five different colors, will add a touch of class to the road.

09The 23,000 foreigners, whose names will be carved on Sangsanggil, are to be selected through an event, Write Your Name in Korea, which is designed by KTO to encourage the people to visit the country and the city in order to see the stone slabs with their names on them.

With the creation of Sangsanggil in Chang-dong, it is expected that nearby Chang-dong Art Village, Masan Fish Market, and Burim Market will become more vibrant.

Chang-dong Art Village, which recently remodelled its art center and created murals around the area, set up Dari and Yeoni, the slow mailboxes, in front of Urban egeneration Mix Center to present new visual attractions and fun.


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