Mageum-san Hot Springs Eyes Rebirth as Changwon’s Leading Tourist Spot.

  The hot springs of Mageum-san are alkalescent salt springs that maintain water at an average minimum temperature of 55℃. The legend has it that in the middle of the Goryeo period, injured roe deer and storks would get healed here. As more people shared how the hot spring water heals wounds, patients with skin diseases have flocked to the site.


▲ Getting legs in the foot & leg spa removes your fatigue.

Located in Buk-myeon, Euichang Borough, Mageum-san Hot Springs is transforming into a major tourist attraction in Changwon. The city has created and is working hard to implement
a strategy for revitalizing Mageum-san Hot Springs in order to turn the area into a leading four-season tourist attraction in Changwon.

 First of all, the hot springs will have an eco-friendly family farm. The farm will parcel out to 50 families to be selected through an open invitation earlier this month kitchen gardens where they can grow vegetables. With this, the city plans to attract more tourists to Mageum-san Hot Springs by making sure that visiting families can sweat out working at their kitchen gardens and then enjoy hot springs.

 The city will also prepare a free bike rental center. As the rental center lends bikes for free to tourists and city people visiting the hot springs so that they can enjoy their leisure and tour the area with greater freedom, the city expects the hot springs’ rebirth through combination with leisure sports.

Filled with flowers and green color, the family farm and free bike rental center will start their operation from mid-June at Mageum-san Hot Springs.


▲ Junam Reservoir Lotus Flower Compound well-known as a tourist spot near the hot springs.

  A large-sized rest park will also be created. The park will include a mix plaza, a lawn plaza, an eco-pond, a wild flower colony and learning center, and a walking trail, thus providing tourists with a comfortable rest stop.

The Nakdong River waterfront park in Buk-myeon will have a large-sized flower garden. By creating in the large space a year-round procession of distinctive varieties, the flower garden will present diverse spectacles through four seasons. Stage 1 of the project eyes its opening for next spring.

Along with this, the city is creating a walking trail that encircles the hot springs by putting eco-friendly features to the existing 3.5km climbing route that runs from Mageum-san Hot Springs to Mageum-san Top, sky bridge, and Cheonma-san Top and building an access road to the sky bridge.


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