Changwon Kakao Story Exceeds 30,000 Subscribers.

Now established as a leading interaction channel.

“If you’re curious about Changwon tourism information ,be a friend of Changwon City.“


The city’s official Kakao Story ( now hasover 30,000 subscribers. With 10,000 subscribers added in just 5 months after the number hit 20,000 at the end of the last year, Kakao Story is solidly established as the city’s leading interaction channel.

As the city provides not only its administrative information but also realtime disaster and weather information through Kakao Story, the social networking service is rapidly rising
as an interaction channel that fits the Smart Age.

Moreover, the SNS presents a quiz entitled ‘How Far Did You Go in Changwon?’ every
Wednesday which presents tourist attractions in the city that is emerging as a tourist destination, thus receiving positive reaction from city people.

If you want to receive various news stories about Changwon, you can subscribe to them by clicking on ‘receive news’ after searching Changwon on Find Friends in Kakao Story.




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