“Wow, Changwon has this wonderful place!”


Jeo-do Bridge serves to make romantic connections

May is the queen of months. With wind blowing from the sweeping blue sea, fresh green fills the fields.

On Jeo-do located in Gusan-myeon, Masan Happo Borough, sweet spring has come and budding flowers are intoning hope in the vernal season.

The name of Jeo-do comes from the fact that it looks like a reclining pig. Each year, a good number of people visit the island, attracted to the bridge and the beach road.

If you drive your car, you can make it to the island by first passing Office of Gusan-myeon, Masan Happo Borough, Baekryeong Pass, and Okgye, and then, taking a right turn at Ban-dong 3-Way Intersection before taking Maritime Tourism Road with Bandong Elementary School and Gusan Nonghyup on both sides.

If you use public transit, please take city bus 61 from Masan Station. The bus travels through Masan Express Bus Terminal, Shinsegae Department Store, Masan Fish Market, Masan Happo Borough Office, Gapo, Deokdong, Gusan-myeon Office, and Gubok Art Village to Jeo-do Bridge and public parking at the entrance of Beach Road.


What first welcomes you as you arrive at the entrance of Jeo-do is the bridge that connects the island to Gubok-ri, Gusan-myeon. Jeo-do Bridge is actually a pair of parallel bridges.

The old bridge, built in red steel, was constructed in 1987. As it resembles theone from the flick, The Bridge on the River Kwai, the movie title has become its nickname. Because the bridge is old, vehicle traffic is prohibited while human traffic is allowed on the bridge.

These days, the rumor has it that if you walk across the bridge hand in hand with your lover, it will ensure the fulfillment of the romantic relationship. As if to support it, countless padlocks hang on the handrail of the bridge, carrying lovers’ pledges.

Side by side, the new 2-lane bridge was opened in December 2004. It resembles the black-tailed gull, the city’s bird. As it boasts a breathtaking night view, it is a popular date spot.

As you walk along Beach Road, the sounds of waves, mountain birds, and wind mingle in harmony, and you can enjoy the fresh sea smell into the bargain. From the observatory and Sea View Trail, you can have your fill of the far-flung indigo seas and the ria coastline. That’s why your senses are gratified while following Beach Road.

Once you step on the top of the 202m Yongdu-san, islands that dot the waters of Geoje and Jinhae Bay come into a single view. Despite the modest height of the mountain, its adjacency to the sea delivers indescribable ecstasy to the scene.

The city plans to attract a lot more tourists with a distinctive project for developing tourism resources that tap into the advantages of Jeo-do, such as putting glass floor on the old steel bridge and thereby turning it into a world-famous skywalk like Eiffel Tower in Paris and the glass-bottomed bridge in Hunan, China.



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