Changwon Designated as Korea’s

Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) has decided through deliberation to create Changwon Persimmon Industry Special District, which the city has pushed for since last year with a view to ensuring long-term development of its persimmon industry
that takes up the largest portion of the output in the country.


Accordingly, the city will benefit from an assortment of regulatory exceptions by investing for next five years 41.9 billion won in three implementation projects and 16 specialized projects including creation of a basis for  producing quality persimmons.

Now that persimmon is established as Changwon’s major farm product, the city is going to focus on its processing and develop it into a representative local specialty.

Furthermore, the city will nurture a persimmon industry that leads the Changwon agricultural economy by linking it with the nearby tourism resources such as Persimmon Theme Park, Junam Reservoir, and Mageumsan Hot Springs slated to be completed
in December.

Meanwhile, as Changwon’s persimmon industry is expected to greatly contribute to promoting the city brand and upgrading its image, it will take a vantage point in securing
fund for related projects by the national government ministries.





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