Welcome Spring! Changwon City Tour




In the spring time with clear sunshine and cool breeze tempting people to go outside, we are recommending you to make a Changwon city tour which includes local tourist attractions.

Changwon City Tour was launched in July 20th 2011 and tour itinerary covers “Joonam Reservoir, “Changwon city Moonshin gallery” where you can see internationally well known sculptures and “Jinhae naval port festival” which is one of the best festival in Korea. Changwon City tour offers all famous tourist attractions at a time and visitors can choose
a various courses from culture/experience, environment/history, naval/ culture, science/history, eco/art, history/art, naval port/experience and eco/history.

Other than this, the city tour guide ride with you and tells you about a variety of interesting stories while you are enjoying tour.

City Tour takes place from Tuesday to Sunday every week and starts at 09:30 from △Meeting Plaza(beside velodrome) △Masan Sports complex(inside main entrance) △Changwon central station(behind Gyeongnam provincial government building) and operates till 16:30, you can choose between all-day and half-day package.

All-day package is operated from 09:30 to 16:30 and you can choose 1 fixed course or 1 optional course out of 8 different courses. In optional course, there are 7 different courses plus culture/experience course.

The operation hour of half-day package can be selected from either 09:30~13:30 or 14:00~18:00 and there are 4 optional courses. Major courses include naval drama location set, Jeodo Eyunryukgyo Bridge, Dream Park, Jehwangsan Park, Joonam Reservoir, Moonshin Art gallery, House of Changwon and 3.15 democratic cemetery. Tour fee is 8,000 for adult and college student(all-day)/5,000(half0day)won. For military personnel, Youth(under 19), men of national merit, disabled, senior 5,000(all-day)won, 3,000(half-day)won.

For more information contact Changwon City Tour(☎ 055-287-1212)
http://www.changwoncitytour.com → You can buy tickets on the phone or at site.




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