Tourist Attraction of Changwon –


There’s a place where you can get away from your hectic daily life and enjoy a clear view of ocean and soft spring breeze.

 That place is ‘Jeodo Island’s Eyunryukgyo Bridge’ which connects Goobokri of Masanhappogu and Jeodo Island. This bridge is called Korea’s ‘Kwai River Bridge’ because it resembles the bridge in the movie titled ‘Kwai River Bridge’ that was fi lmed based on Thailand. Eyunryukgyo Bridge was constructed in August, 1987 and it is 170m long and 3m wide, made of steel.

After its initial construction, due to safety issue caused by deterioration, new Eyunryukgyo Bridge which is 182m long and 13m wide and has pedestrian walk and two-lane road was constructed in December 2004. View of clear ocean through spaces of the bridge is the most distinctive pleasure of visiting Eyunryukgyo Bridge.

This place is well known for filming location for the movie ‘Indian Summer’ and where two main characters spend two days together in the movie. Thanks to the popularity of movie, this bridge is known for ‘Bridge of Love’ and became famous tourist attraction for couples. People believe the myth that love comes true if a couple holding hands together while
crossing the bridge. You can see many couples walking with holding hands on the bridge. Also sometimes you can see couples propose with 100 roses.

There are countless lockers hanging on the bridge, too. Locker is a token for everlasting love and people stop by to see lockers, keys and messages written on them. Nowadays, people also hang lockers to hope for happiness of family.

Jeodo Island’s Eyunryukgyo Bridge is more beautiful at night time. Night view from the bridge is like one fantastic painting with mysterious color of night sea. Please come and visit this bridge to make memorable stories lover and family.


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