“Ah, beautiful. How come it’s so beautiful?”

Gagopa Koburang-gil in Seongho-dong, Masan spotlighted as a new tourist attraction


 Exclamations do not stop flowing out of the mouths of tourists who visit Chusan-dong, Masan-Happo Borough and Gagopa Koburang-gil in Seongho-dong.
With the area’s alleyways newly decorated with beautiful mural paintings, the old and outdated downtown area is now filled with new vitality.

 Gagopa Koburang-gil, revamped with mural paintings in December 2013, turned what once was a dark and dull alleyway into a cultural space full of personality and vitality,thus heralding its presence to the world.

 Located on the outskirts of Masan, Seongho-dong was an ordinary kind of poor neighborhood that attracted nobody’s attention. With a lot of houses packed like sardines on the hillside tortuous alleyways, the area was seldom visited by people other than its residents.

 As one begins a trek up the steep steps where the neighborhood starts, the alleyway that is so cramped and tortuous as to allow just one single pedestrian looked much just like a tiny maze from a fairy tale.

 As Changwon City refurbished it as Gagopa Koburang-gil, a specialized street, the area has become a must-visit destination for tourists coming to Masan.

The murals painted in bright colors have performed a complete makeover of what used to be a depressing neighborhood. While its residents feel reenergized with the fresh look, visitors so readily indulge in the pleasure of appreciating the murals.



 Tourists who visit Gagopa Koburang-gil can mirthfully watch the panorama of unnumbered varicolored mural paintings unfold along the steep alleyway.
 Everyone wanted to get out the area, but now it is Masan’s representative mural village. It’s so amazing to see how the power of art changes humans and a community.

 Creating the Mural Village on Gagopa Koburang-gil has been implemented as part of Kyongnam Bank’s contribution to local community.
  The Mural Village on Gagopa Koburang-gil, which is created on the alleyway of Seongho-dong that commands a sweeping view of the beautiful Masan sea, is embroidered throughout with principal Masan scenes including Dotseom, sea, port, seagulls, fishing boats, flowers and trees, and famous art pieces.

  Notably, those who visit Mural Village on Gagopa Koburanggil in Seongho-dong can have a tour through a nearby Imhangseon Green Way, Tattoo Gallery, Changwon City Masan Museum, Burim Market, Chang-dong, Odong-dong, Fish Market, and Bukmasan Furniture Town, and thus can have their fill of visual and palatal attractions.
  To make sure that residents and tourists can appreciate the mural paintings in a safer and more comfortable environment, handrails and installed and wonderful photo zones are placed throughout the alleyway.


  Now, the old piles of trash bags are gone, thus making the alleyway look more spacious. Especially, the long dilapidated spring is now made usable and is drawing positive reaction.
  Enjoying the neighborhood alleyway that has accomplished such a wonderful makeover, residents and tourists now cherish it as a cultural space where they can appreciate splendid paintings and meet up with people.
  In a remarkable change, the neighborhood is now a place of endearment not only for tourists, but also for its residents who previously had to scratch by through a distressful life and now, as they walk up or down day after day, can get some comfort from the countless paintings so exquisitely rendered on the walls.



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