Executing 5 Strategies for Reinvigorating Investment

With a view to contributing to creating new jobs

Changwon City has disclosed five strategies for recruiting private investments from here
and abroad and attracting companies in its new investment development areas including
Changwon International Business City (Masan Marine New Town),Gusan Marine Tourism Complex, the Second Free Trade Zone, and an industrial complex.


First, in order to secure future viability through recruiting advanced industries and research institutes, the city is going to hold meetings for investor relations in different zones after it selects target companies in the US, China, and Europe.

Second, the city is going to make an all-out effort to attract those expatriate Korean companies that want to return to Korea. Third, the city is going to work all out to recruit
private investments for the purpose of building infrastructure for tourism industry in major locations.

Fourth, the city finds it urgent to create a basis for reinvigorating medical tourism, a convergence tourism industry linked to medical services, and so it will start this
year the creation of infrastructure for meditel (‘medical hotel’) services.
Fifth, the city will concentrate its administrative resources to recruit creative industry such as bio and culture industry linked to Creative Economy Innovation Center in step with the government policy.

Changwon City said that it “will concentrate all its administrative resources to aggressively attract investment.”


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