Change is sweeping Changdong located in Masan Happo Borough in Changwon.


The Chang-dong Art Village project that Changwon City has implemented since
May 2012 is now instilling vitality in each of its alleyways. Chang-dong Art Village has been created for the purpose of regenerating and reinvigorating the erstwhile
degenerating downtown of Masan. The city rented those empty stores in the
alleyways in Chang-dong and lent them for free to artists who operate in the area. The project is designed to revive culture and arts as well as the business center.

The previously rugged floors of the alleyways in Chang-dong Art Village have sleek pavement, while the fences of buildings have fresh design that fits the art village. Thus, Chang-dong has been reborn as a space where visitors can reminisce as if riding in  time machine and thus enjoy diverse pleasures through various experiences of culture and arts.

Chang-dong Art Village is split into the three themes of Alleyway with Vestiges
of Masan Art, Alleyway as Ecole de Chang-dong, and Tattoo Art Alleyway.
Alleyway with Vestiges of Masan Art, which restores the old alleyway from
the 1950s through the 1980s through storytelling, brings light on the facilities
from Masan Renaissance from the perspective of art history and reenacts
the contemporary background and the street in recollection.
Alleyway as Ecole de Chang-dong, which is designed to serve as creative
space for the work and research of creative artists and a commercial
space for them, stretches from where Alleyway with Vestiges of Masan Art
ends to the alleyway connecting to Buljong Street.
Moonshin Art Alleyway, which is a space where people can illuminate the
brand equity in Moon Shin, the worldrenowned Changwon-born sculptor,
includes 20 or so culture and art spaces along the alleyway that goes around the
old site of Citizens’ Hall. Chang-dong Art Village is surrounded with a variety of visual and palatal attractions as well as fun places such as Burim Market Creative Craft Village,
Odong-dong Sori-gil, fish market, anglerfish street, and blowfish street.


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